More AFK-live combat than just pets

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More AFK-live combat than just pets

Post by sekki »

Allow each player to set actions that take place on a pet tick according to pet stances.
Except that instead of your pet acting on pet-tick you are the one acting on pet-tick.

For example you could set "Attack/Trigger X defensive" or "Attack/Trigger X non-allied".

This charges you the amount of AP/MP that attack would normally charge if triggered. You continue to trigger this attack against valid targets until you run out of AP/MP.

Perhaps you could also add a secondary attack that you would switch to if the target is immune to your first attack or if you are unable to use your first attack for other reasons (out of mana).

This could also extend to triggering heals or reveal or other non-offensive spells/abilities.
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Re: More AFK-live combat than just pets

Post by Klapaucius »

On the one hand I like the idea of balancing non petmasters and petmasters out in the offline combat arena, on the other it would break basically every normal interaction, notably:

- Emoting/conversation during combat
- Raiding unless you massively overpower the opposing faction
- Hunting if you're weak
- really punishes mobile play (which is already hurt by petmasters)

Not to mention petmasters could just soak up ap/mp at quite low cost.

Still it would be cool if something like this could be added.
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