What did your character do today?

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Re: What did your character do today?

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- Carmilla said, "Huh I coulda sworn you were a wizard ishild" (2023-11-11 20:01:29).
- You say, "I am a wizard!" (2023-11-11 20:01:44).
- You say, "Just because the stupid sexy DRACULA MUMMY cursed me to lose my magical powers doesn't change my self-identity!" (2023-11-11 20:02:12).
- Kākāpō said, "cute" (2023-11-11 20:02:23).
- Matthew Quigley wobbles a flat palm, unconvinced (2023-11-11 20:02:26).
- Carmilla said, "Oh my" (2023-11-11 20:02:31).
- Henrietta said, "Your skin looks a little dry." (2023-11-11 20:02:39).
- Pretty Convincing Vampire appears behind you, puts a cold hand on your neck, and gently shushes you. (2023-11-11 20:02:56).
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Re: What did your character do today?

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Florian solved the riddle of planar damage. The answer, as usual, is phylacteries. He was rewarded for his ingenuity by one Katerina Hasheen.

Darren inked a new tattoo and put it to use on a pair of demons!
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