Martyr Blessings disabling Invis

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Martyr Blessings disabling Invis

Post by Meric »

Wolf-rev able to attack through invis. No obvious casting of reveal. No feeding fang perks seem to provide true-sight. A bunch of blessings got thrown on me via Martyr so perhaps they triggered a break. Unless I am missing something here?
- You quaff the potion. As you do so, your body disappears from view. (2022-05-29 11:27:26).
- an inappropriate preposition said, "Well that's always bracing. Like an ice cold shower in the morning." (2022-05-29 11:27:33).
- Fenris attacked Doc Heywood with a Fangs , killing him! (2022-05-29 11:27:37).
- You feel yourself wrapped and hidden in sheltering power. While you remain under the effects of Sanctuary, you will gain a +2 soak versus all attacks and a +10% defense against attacks. (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- You feel the blessing of the martyred a kind cat settle upon you. (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- You feel your reflexes heighten as you move with nervous energy. While blessed with Light Feet, you will gain a +15% defense versus all attacks. (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- You feel the blessing of the martyred a kind cat settle upon you. (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- a kind cat spoke a few harmonious notes and a gentle light flashed forth from their being, bathing the area with warmth and goodness. You were affected and gain the Healing Aura status effect for 50 ticks. 3 characters were affected. (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- Fenris attacked a kind cat with a Fangs , killing her! (2022-05-29 11:27:44).
- Fenris attacked you with a Fangs and hit for 19 points of arcane damage. This was a critical hit! Your intense, holy aura burns them! They take 16 points of holy damage! (2022-05-29 11:27:48).
Sunset Shimmer attacked you with a Frozen Gauntlet and hit for 62 points of holy damage. She was hiding! This attack was charged with righteous wrath! Their body strained with holy resolve as they added physical power to this attack! (2021-11-22)
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Re: Martyr Blessings disabling Invis

Post by Kandarin »

Sanctuary is the culprit in this bug. It overrides the user's hiding attribute by setting them to hiding, which negated the better invisibility form of the hiding attribute.

There's a pending fix for this for the next patch.
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