Gameplay: MO-Granting Redeemed Skills

Suggestions the development team does not plan to act on
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Gameplay: MO-Granting Redeemed Skills

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Redeemed uses a lot of MO to use its skills, so they should have more potential sources for it. A few examples of Redeemed skills that can be tweaked to this effect:
-Redeemed gains MO for damage they block using Benevolent Safeguard in addition to the 1 MO/attack blocked (damage blocked/10)
-Reforge in Grace grants 1 MO and 10 XP for converting a pet to Good (alternatively, Reforged pets grant MO/XP as if the Redeemed were their master).
-Healing a status ailment using Absolve Suffering grants 1 MO (also applies to other angels with the skill)
-Performing Last Rites grants 5 MO (higher value since ex-Defiler doesn't get passive MO through damage like ex-Pariah does)
-Shield of Mercy grants 1 MO in each instance it would also grant XP
-Attacks that would have missed but hit due to Encourage grant 5 XP and 1 MO (analogous to Shield of Mercy)
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Re: Gameplay: MO-Granting Redeemed Skills

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There's a lot of suggestions here in one. This would be better suited as a Mechanics thread.
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