Skill: Animus of the Bat Greater Flight

Suggestions the development team does not plan to act on
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Skill: Animus of the Bat Greater Flight

Post by BLORTH »

Currently bats can't fly over barricades, but can traverse void or non-terrestrial tiles with no issue similar to any other t3 flying skill (Wings vs. Way of Lightning for example). If there is a good reason for that, place the restriction on flying over barricades behind purchasing Animus of the Bat.

If there isn't a good reason to gatekeep our poor bat friends, just let them fly over barricades. What's the difference between an IB's wings and a bat's wings when you think about it?
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Re: Skill: Animus of the Bat Greater Flight

Post by Nayru »

if bat was proper flight then you'd immediately be unable to attack grounded people with your closerange attacks in batform + unable to keep the form while indoors/using portals/etc

the alternate scenario is getting ganked by batflight that can attack you with closerange but you can't attack it back

that's what true flight is, and what bypasses barricades except for weird movement skills like blink/leap/teleport/seeps
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