Rules for Games Discussion

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Rules for Games Discussion

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Ok since this forum doesn't have a specific set of rules yet i'd thought i'd make one. I'm open to pms so that you, the people, can help increase the amount of rules as to better protect the games forum from spam.

:!: This forum follows all the rules as found in the Announcements forum.

:!: No posting games where you get points for referring other people, I don't want threads with people spamming their links.

:!: Do not post games with hateful content: While slight satire is ok, if you post something hateful and you think it is simply a satire it's the mods choice if it stays or goes, not yours.

:!: No fan boy stuff: slight discussion about a system's flaws is alright, but going crazy and screaming about how one system is better then the other will not be tolerated.

:!: When making a thread about an online game give us a brief overview of the game you're posting

:!: Don't post illegal stuff: sure said game might cost alot of money, sure you might just happen to have a pirated version of said game, that doesn't mean you can post it/

:!: If you see somebody breaking these rules report it to either a local mod or an admin, it will fix the problem faster. If it is late at night and you feel the rule breaker may not be punished fast enough you may pm them asking them to correct their mistake, if they give you a hard time then pm an admin.

:!: If the game contains extreme violence, gore, sound or other types of content that might offend the folks watching over your shoulder don't post it. Nothing NSFW here.

These rules are subject to change so check in frequently. And remember to pm me or any other mod if you have any questions or suggestions about this list.
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