Enchanted Grenade not stacking properly in inventory

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Enchanted Grenade not stacking properly in inventory

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My character Aulë (clash.php?op=character&id=14544) has a White Phosphorous Grenade (WPG) with six fire enchantments on it in his inventory. It was stacking correctly with the other non– enchanted WPG in his inventory.

He placed one Fire enchantment on the second WPG, and now they are not stacking properly. There are a couple of issues:

• The inventory shows two enchanted WPGs, but one is fully enchanted and the other has one enchantment (so should be listed separately). Hovering over the inventory item shows a tool tip with the text "(fire6)".
Two WPG in inventory.jpeg
Two WPG in inventory.jpeg (19.67 KiB) Viewed 17996 times

• There is no option to power the second enchanted WPG under the Enchanting Actions tab. I can power the first, fully enchanted WPG but not the second, partially enchanted grenade.

• When in the presence of other characters, there is only an option to hand over a "White Phosphorous Grenade (enchanted)". I'm assuming this is the fully enchanted grenade, but I'm not sure.

• There is no option to enchant the other WPG when at an appropriate location. The only grenade listed in the inventory at that point is the fully enchanted one.
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