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Nexus Clash :: View topic - [Levelling] Change the system?
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[Levelling] Change the system?

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So Very Sorry
So Very Sorry

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:03 pm    Post subject: [Levelling] Change the system? Reply with quote

Got this idea while reading the "Increase the Level Cap" thread. Just throwing it out to see what people think.

What if instead of the traditional 1AP, 1HP, 1MP gain as you progress levels, you could trade in your CP for other stats at the cost of x CP for y stat.

5CP = +1 AP
10CP = +1 Dodge vs Ranged
etc. (numbers to be balanced by someone better at it than I)

You'd get a few more CP when you level, enough to add +1AP, +1HP, +1MP if you want, in addition to the current CP gains. But maybe you want to give up some actions to be able to take more damage. Or give up health for more magic. Kinda like in the old, old Final Fantasy games.

Or you could go for your cool skills and keep your stats at their initial levels, making you more powerful for a shorter amount of time each AP cycle, and more squishier.

I think this would lead to even more variety in builds and might be an interesting change. And it could even be used to tamper down levels beyond 30 if the costs for each stat go up at that point.
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Active Member
Active Member

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

First concern: people ignoring extra HP (which is only useful for specific characters) in exchange for more skills. People ignoring extra MP in exchange for more skills. People who are online all the time, and thus don't need higher AP caps, ignoring those boosts for extra skills.

Second concern: CP-cheap builds (if any exist anymore) being used to gain more, possibly absurd, levels of HP/MP/AP. Depending on how it is handled and possibly capped, it could be possible for a character to end up with 200HP or 300HP.

Third concern: it will either be balanced to the point where HP/MP/AP is cheap (and thus giving up one or two skills means a massive stat buff) or where HP/MP/AP is expensive (and thus giving up a few HP results in an entire skill or two).

Additional concern: new players, who don't know that you are "supposed" to increase HP/MP/AP, will end up spending that extra CP on skills (the most obvious choice) and end up dissatisfied when they keep dying and hardly progress at higher levels. And once they learn what they are "supposed" to have done, they're now forced to spend an entire level or two boosting only their stats, not getting new skills, to make up the difference.

The automatic stat boosts on each level are there to give a good baseline on what a character of a specific level is supposed to have. I have no problem with skills which generate more stats (Stamina) or even less stats (Shadow of the Dust) but I think that completely doing away with stat boosts is just asking for trouble. At best, it will involve people gaming the system and causing confusion to new players. At worst, it could result in a stupidly absurd level of game-breaking capability, such as a Lightspeaker dumping a ton of CP into MP-buffs and being capable of building up such a large supply that they could simply summon a huge number of pets at any time.

Sure, the worst abuses could be avoided with careful CP/stat balancing, but what exactly is gained with such a system that is worth that sort of work?
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