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Nexus Clash :: View topic - Announcing: the CCC Sleepover Iniative
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Announcing: the CCC Sleepover Iniative

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Joined: Apr 12, 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:30 am    Post subject: Announcing: the CCC Sleepover Iniative Reply with quote

We here at the CCC are getting lonely in Reverse Stygia, and the best way to deal with the crushing loneliness of hanging out with angels and necking paradise nectar all day isSLEEPOVERS.

So, we've decided we're going to go to our friends houses for sleepovers. The thing is, you're all our friends. When a CCC sleepover is in operation, feel free to do whatever you want: give us gifts, tell us jokes, tickle us with your weapons for XP. Just don't kill us, because we're not DEAD tired.

Don't worry about inviting us, we know how much you want us to visit, so you're all on our lists. We'll see you soon.

Love and kisses,
Rubbish Wolverine and the cuddlebots at Chaos Chaos Chaos.
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Joined: Nov 28, 2011
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

we have successfully initiated the FIRST SLEEPOVER with MINIMAL VIOLENCE

presents were brought and handed out, emotes have been hurled in one direction, and hopefully our new friends will not kill us!

Plans are in effect for the next SLEEPOVER FUN TIME WITH CCC

watch out, spies are everywhere,
-Melvil Dewey, CCC
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 9:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Froggy loves to visit his friends! Sleepovers are his favorite!!

Good-night, FRIENDS!!
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Joined: May 17, 2014
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 15, 2020 11:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chianni: We here at 'The Forsaken' have already hosted a CCC sleep-over. We even provided over 100 targets for CCC 'staff' to amuse themselves. A good time was had by all.
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Joined: Apr 12, 2010
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Another successful sleepover!

Keeping with 2020's ethos of "responsible social distancing" the CCC sleeping bag crew split into three, inviting ourselves to Right Angles, the Kodiak Steel Company and The Outsiders at the same time.

While I'm here, thanks to EOG for having us (and making me a cocoa), we're very sorry about the EOG member that sadly died because... well, we killed him. We're demons, we lie.

Find your local Chaos Chaos Chaos member for hugs, presents and maybe some books, if I finally find someone who isn't level 30 for this stack of books Fluffy Meaty gave me.

Love and kisses,
Rubbish Wolverine
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Liemannen visits the Kodiak Steel Company for some quiet time

- You attack the ward with your Death Touch, dealing 19 points of death damage. There is a shimmer of light as the ward wavers, then dissipates. (2020-11-16 15:23:50).
- You step inside [redacted]. (2020-11-16 15:23:54).
- You emote, " sneaks in" (2020-11-16 15:24:18).
- You emote, " goes to find a quiet corner" (2020-11-16 15:25:32).
- Atë said, "SLEEP OVER!!!!" (2020-11-16 15:29:44).
- Atë waves enthusiastically to Crunchy and Aaida. (2020-11-16 15:30:06).
- Atë said, "Hey Lie!" (2020-11-16 15:30:13).
- Atë said, "Hey Marras, fancy seeing you here" (2020-11-16 15:30:50).
- You say, "oh no, the noise makers found us" (2020-11-16 15:31:01).
- You say, "No sleep" (2020-11-16 15:31:06).
- You say, "They won't allow us to sleep" (2020-11-16 15:31:17).
- You say, "Pillow fights all the time" (2020-11-16 15:31:59).
- Atë said, "I'm a noise maker?" (2020-11-16 15:32:07).
- You say, "And the singing" (2020-11-16 15:32:26).
- Atë said, "I mean I have some in my pockets but haven't used them yet. SHould I " (2020-11-16 15:32:41).
- Atë said, "Well I gave out my presents, guess I should go then?" (2020-11-16 15:33:53).
- You say, "Well maybe if it is just you" (2020-11-16 15:35:01).
- You say, "Oh she left" (2020-11-16 15:35:13).
- You say, "Yay, I can sleep now" (2020-11-16 15:35:37).
- You use your bullhorn to say: 'Sleepy party starts now, every body to the dance floor!¨'. (2020-11-16 15:36:12).
- You emote, " puts on some rave music" (2020-11-16 15:37:14).
- You say, "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (2020-11-16 15:39:16).
- You say, "Where is your fireworks? We clearly need them now" (2020-11-16 15:45:48).
- You emote, " rummages through some drawers and boxes in the corner" (2020-11-16 15:46:13).
- You say, "No explosives to be found at all, sad panda¨" (2020-11-16 15:47:10).
- You emote, " settles for banging on some fine cooking pots he happened to find from the kitchen" (2020-11-16 16:01:35).
- You say, "...cobras" (2020-11-16 18:10:11).
- Aaida said, "Noisy group, aren't you? Tell everyone we waved enthusiastically back at ya." (2020-11-16 18:30:59).
- Aaida said, "..and thanks for the presents!" (2020-11-16 18:31:28).
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Joined: Nov 28, 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Creative Catnap Council's plans to initiate order 65: SLEEPOVERS NOW have been proceeding smoothly! I will not reveal the most recent party as it is still going on, but let me say there is an impressive WALL of text that greet some folks logging in later.

will this wall protect CCC from inevitable death? UNLIKELY

edit: also we have been talking about BOYS and wow there is some steamy gossip about the hunks of the nexus that will need to be heavily redacted to protect the unrequited crushes of the nexus from seeing the light of day
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Joined: Apr 12, 2010
Posts: 31

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think we stifled a raid by accident, which is very chaotic.
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Joined: Nov 28, 2011
Posts: 256

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


- You seep through the cracks in the door to arrive inside Apartment Building. (2020-11-17 16:52:59).
- Someone used a bullhorn to say: 'Didn't we plan to murder then in their sleep? Or was that someone else we planned that for'. The sound seems to be coming from outside the building.. (2020-11-17 16:53:10).
- Melvil Dewey said, "hello! SLUMBER PARTY!" (2020-11-17 16:53:19).
- Liberia Crystal waves her blood claws! (2020-11-17 16:53:36).
- Melvil Dewey gets snug in his librarian PJs" (2020-11-17 16:53:50).
- Liberia Crystal said, "What up comradeskis!? I forgot, why are green and red for hostiles and friends. Were we supposed to bring gifts to these [blue] ones?" (2020-11-17 16:54:06).
- Liemannen said, "Lots of nice sleeping people, 9 are sleeping very soundily, that is so very cute" (2020-11-17 16:54:09).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Besides the gift of violence at least" (2020-11-17 16:54:14).
- Liemannen said, "But I think we need to raise few of them for the slumber party" (2020-11-17 16:54:36).
- Liemannen summoned a Skeleton. (2020-11-17 16:54:42).
- Liberia Crystal gave you a Sense of Friendship. (2020-11-17 16:54:53).
- Liberia Crystal whispered to you, saying, "Shhh, it's a secret gift to everybody!" (2020-11-17 16:55:27).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Hey, special friends! " (2020-11-17 16:55:52).
- Liberia Crystal boogies and gets low-low down (2020-11-17 16:55:54).
- Liberia Crystal said, "All night dance party! Woo woo!" (2020-11-17 16:56:02).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "nice moves, Liberia! " (2020-11-17 16:56:08).
- Melvil Dewey said, "wow i feel a warm kindness drafting over me! FRIENDS" (2020-11-17 16:56:11).
- Melvil Dewey said, "turns out the real goal of the nexus was all the friends we made along the way!" (2020-11-17 16:56:32).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Yo friends anyone got a spare battery? My voice box juice ran out!" (2020-11-17 16:56:44).
- Sunete said, "Friends!!!" (2020-11-17 16:56:54).
- Liberia Crystal said, "And I just want to loudly proclaim to the world how awesome our friends are!" (2020-11-17 16:56:59).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Sometimes, I hear people talking about me saying things like "I hate this guy" and "fUn", and I think, hey who could hate me. Rubbish Wolverine is a swell guy. " (2020-11-17 16:57:03).
- Froggy the Gremlin plunks his magic twanger and appears in a cloud of smoke, perched atop the bannister. (2020-11-17 16:57:12).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "It... it makes me want to be their friends so much more. " (2020-11-17 16:57:13).
- Melvil Dewey raises sail on the friend ship" (2020-11-17 16:57:15).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "HIYA KIDS, HIYA HIYA HIYA!!!!!!" (2020-11-17 16:57:20).
- Liemannen said, "Nooo, watch out Melvil, that isn't friendship, that is Napalm Death rolling over you in their sleep" (2020-11-17 16:57:31).
- Melvil Dewey said, "I have a spare one Libby! Just make 3 space!" (2020-11-17 16:57:42).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh noooooo" (2020-11-17 16:57:59).
- Liemannen said, "Although, I suppose that can be considered a form of friendship, very special friendship" (2020-11-17 16:58:01).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "What's the difference Lie? NYE!" (2020-11-17 16:58:08).
- Someone used a bullhorn to say: 'WOO WOO THANK YOU SUNETE YOU'RE THE BESTEST!'. It was so loud, it must have come from inside. (2020-11-17 16:58:42).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Anyway, the rules of the sleepovers are simple. FIRST, no killing. Second, you can hit us a little bit to get XP if you haven't levelled up yet, because levelling is hard. " (2020-11-17 16:59:06).
- Liberia Crystal points one of her long and well-manicured blood claws at Endo. "You!! Dance-off?" (2020-11-17 16:59:19).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Woah woah woah, rules? We don't need no stinkin rules!" (2020-11-17 16:59:41).
- Liberia Crystal said, "First person to pop the Lib Libbi pinata gets a whole mouthful of candy guts!" (2020-11-17 16:59:59).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "If someone kills me I'll be sad. There's about six other strongholds nearby I want to visit in the next couple of days" (2020-11-17 17:00:08).

Introductions were made and the party was in full swing! But CCC Leader Liemannen knows the best way to heat up a slumber party! And that's talking about Love! AND BOYS!


- Liemannen said, "Froggy, it is the very special form of friendship, some might even call it love" (2020-11-17 17:00:09).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "It's a busy part of town. Tomorrow I'm going to be an angel over at The Faithful" (2020-11-17 17:00:32).
- Liemannen said, "Where two people when they like each other very much, they might sleep on top of each others and after few months they will get a visit from a stork" (2020-11-17 17:00:47).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Love? That sounds valuable! I'll take...uh.... Ten! No. TWENTY!" (2020-11-17 17:00:59).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Five bucks and a canadian quarter" (2020-11-17 17:01:13).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "final offer" (2020-11-17 17:01:18).
- Melvil Dewey said, "whoa who cares about all that dumb stuff, SLEEPOVERS ARE FOR TALKING ABOUT BOYS ALL NIGHT" (2020-11-17 17:01:23).
- Melvil Dewey said, "have you guys seen Fake Thomas Jefferson? That guy is so dreamy, so presidential" (2020-11-17 17:01:40).
- Melvil Dewey said, "probably my third favorite president" (2020-11-17 17:01:48).
- Cinnamon barks! (2020-11-17 17:02:14).
- Cinnamon said, "Long time no see friendos!" (2020-11-17 17:02:20).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Total DREAMBOAT. " (2020-11-17 17:02:22).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "We were talking about boys, namely Fake Thomas Jefferson" (2020-11-17 17:02:35).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Liemannen... we need to have a conversation about the birds, and the beetles" (2020-11-17 17:02:43).
- Cinnamon said, "Y'all seemed stressed, we came to bring the FUN FUN FUN" (2020-11-17 17:02:56).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "oh, Fake Thomas Jefferson - I love that guy! He's my third favourite president! " (2020-11-17 17:03:00).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "He's got all the cool Thomas Jefferson-y bits without the dark backstory!!" (2020-11-17 17:03:03).
- Cinnamon said, "Ooooh, boys!" (2020-11-17 17:03:09).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Or was it extra dark? HEH!" (2020-11-17 17:03:14).
- Cinnamon giggles with girlish delight! (2020-11-17 17:03:16).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "It's okay Cinnamon, they just hate me. But we're allies! " (2020-11-17 17:03:20).
- Melvil Dewey said, "Michael Myers is pretty hot also, he's got that spooky goth vibe, like a cool serial killer or something" (2020-11-17 17:03:21).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "not just a president, but an ASSASSIN PRESIDENT" (2020-11-17 17:03:27).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Wake, Fake Thomas Jefferson is an assassin? Man, that's heavy. " (2020-11-17 17:03:56).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Oh my god you can't just talk about Mike when HE'S RIGHT HERE" (2020-11-17 17:04:03).
- Froggy the Gremlin giggles uncontrollably (2020-11-17 17:04:14).
- Liemannen said, "Oh but you can't make love with Michael Myers, he is very against things like that" (2020-11-17 17:04:35).
- Rubbish Wolverine turns around to see Michael Myers less than a meter behind him. The huge infernal behemoth shivers visibly. (2020-11-17 17:04:39).
- Melvil Dewey said, "now Doc Heywood, now there's a man of action he's always there for you, exactly 3 minutes after you come over to visit, very punctual" (2020-11-17 17:04:42).
- Michael Myers doesn't like sleepovers unless they involve killing babysitters (2020-11-17 17:05:16).
- Cinnamon whispers loudly to Froggy. "Have you see his face before? He's pretty cute under that mask!" Blushes and looks away from Mike. (2020-11-17 17:05:22).
- Michael Myers looks around for babies that may be sitting (2020-11-17 17:05:54).
- Froggy the Gremlin whispers: "I....I like... uh.... Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler. He's so mysterious, I wonder how he got his name" (2020-11-17 17:05:58).
- Cinnamon said, "You can sit on my baby, teeheeheehee" (2020-11-17 17:06:10).
- Melvil Dewey said, "I think it was from a skiing accident froggy" (2020-11-17 17:07:09).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Yeah, it's rude to talk about it. " (2020-11-17 17:07:34).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Boys? Eww, don't be lured in by them! Instead do your duty! For the motherland, Mexico!" (2020-11-17 17:07:49).
- Melvil Dewey said, "I really like Hydro, i know he's some sort of water elemental...thing... but hey you gotta have some eccentric tastes sometimes" (2020-11-17 17:08:06).

CCC Leader Liberia Crystal has decided boy talk has gotten TOO STEAMY and she was probably right. It was time for the next best things about sleepovers! MUSIC, DANCING, AND GAMES!


- (2 times) Liemannen said, "" (2020-11-17 17:08:15).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Say what you want about hydro, he's sure moist. " (2020-11-17 17:08:28).
- Liberia Crystal discos a little, then points to the sky and holds pose. (2020-11-17 17:08:34).
- Cinnamon said, "Ooh ooh, who wants to play truth or dare?" (2020-11-17 17:08:37).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "I don't really see the point in the MFD, personally. I mean, who cares about fire, anyway. " (2020-11-17 17:08:54).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "ME ME! I choose... truth. " (2020-11-17 17:09:05).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "DARE! DARE! DAREDAREDARE!" (2020-11-17 17:09:25).
- Cinnamon said, "Ooooohhhhhhh!" (2020-11-17 17:09:59).
- Cinnamon said, "Who do you have a crush on Rub Wolv? Remember you have to answer with the TRUFF! :O" (2020-11-17 17:10:27).



- Alexios says: "Excuse for a moment, I would just like to announce that this is most definitely not the intended use of the emote function." (2020-11-17 17:10:27).


Fortunately it is not the end of the Sleepover! And Alexios was feeling chatty!


- Cinnamon said, "Froggy I dare you to eat a wrackwyrm!" (2020-11-17 17:10:38).
- Cinnamon giggles wildly! (2020-11-17 17:10:47).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "I have a big crush on... Huojin! He's got so many zombies, I'd like to feel them crushing me from every direction. " (2020-11-17 17:11:17).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Hey Alexios! Did we wake you? Apologies! " (2020-11-17 17:11:32).
- Cinnamon said, "Houjin's so dreamy! UwU" (2020-11-17 17:11:44).
- Froggy the Gremlin pulls out a knife and fork and rounds on Froggy Jr. "That's it, BUB! I've been waiting for the opportunity and now you're MIIIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEEEEE." The frog starts chasing Froggy Jr. around the Stronghold, jabbing at it with a fork as it eludes him. (2020-11-17 17:12:00).
- Cinnamon said, "They've got so many delicious bones..." (2020-11-17 17:12:01).
- Cinnamon licks her chops. (2020-11-17 17:12:08).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Wait who would be sleeping during a sleepover? That's like, missing half the point" (2020-11-17 17:12:19).
- Cinnamon said, "No sleeping at sleepovers! We have nails to do and face masks to wear! And if we stay up long enough we can move on to the sensual massage portion of the evening..." (2020-11-17 17:13:30).
- Cinnamon said, "I mean, what?" (2020-11-17 17:13:33).
- Liberia Crystal said, "You mean TUMMY RUBS!" (2020-11-17 17:13:54).
- Liberia Crystal said, "or was it Tubby Rums?" (2020-11-17 17:14:04).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Old Tubby Rum, a gentleperson's Rum TM" (2020-11-17 17:14:21).
- Alexios said, "Don't worry. I've just been sitting here waiting to gather power so that I can open a hole in reality to extract even more power from- nevermind. Conduit stuff." (2020-11-17 17:14:26).
- Cinnamon rolls over for tummy rubs! And puts a few unicorn stickers on her tummy while she's at it. (2020-11-17 17:15:09).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Man, you're so smart! I am only good at... friendship? " (2020-11-17 17:15:17).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Is that a special kind of prank? Or more of a practical joke?" (2020-11-17 17:15:18).
- Cinnamon said, "Can you open a hole to the corner store so we can get more snacks? I was in a hurry and left my stash at Kodiak!" (2020-11-17 17:15:40).
- Alexios said, "Well... no." (2020-11-17 17:15:57).
- Alexios said, "Or, rather..." (2020-11-17 17:16:05).
- Alexios spoke words of power and a silvery light pulsed through the area. You feel a heightened connection to the supernatural. (2020-11-17 17:16:07).
- Alexios said, "No" (2020-11-17 17:16:10).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Conduit stuff? Does that mean..." She gasps loudly! "Are you a pipe!??! Or a tube? Tell me all about your conduit-ness!" (2020-11-17 17:16:26).
- Alexios said, "Oh, well, you see, I'm a Conduit to-" a strange noise blocks out the next few words. It sounds like the universe itself is screeching in agony. (2020-11-17 17:17:56).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Libby doesn't really understand fluid dynamics, but she's really trying. " (2020-11-17 17:18:11).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Nice nice, is that like, an out of state school or something Alexios?" (2020-11-17 17:18:31).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "l a m i n a r f l o w" (2020-11-17 17:18:49).
- Cinnamon covers her ears. "Owie owie owie!" (2020-11-17 17:18:52).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh man i hate the conduit gag order, i sympathize" (2020-11-17 17:19:02).
- Alexios said, " Fluid dynamics? Well, when a lot of fluid enters someone's lungs, they die! Of course, enough liquid can crush someone from the pressure, or people can fall on liquid from a great height... It's very dynamic." (2020-11-17 17:19:47).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Gag....Order?" (2020-11-17 17:19:49).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Gags should never be orderly. Chaotic and fun gags are best gags!" (2020-11-17 17:20:05).
- Melvil Dewey fluid dienamics from laughing too much" (2020-11-17 17:20:20).
- Alexios said, "And... school? Who needs school? Standardized education never got me anything." (2020-11-17 17:20:25).

But things were about to get serious...CCC had some important things to discuss. Things we could not discuss in our own stronghold...possibly the reason for the sleepovers???



- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Curse those Order Order Order spies. " (2020-11-17 17:20:28).
- Rubbish Wolverine looks directly at Melville Dewey (2020-11-17 17:20:37).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Ooooh, did anyone remember to bring the gags? I left mine back at the dungeon, sorry" (2020-11-17 17:20:44).
- Melvil Dewey said, "hey we only do those types of gag orders at the stronghold Wink" (2020-11-17 17:20:58).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Oh nice, fight the system! Down with schools that never did anything!" (2020-11-17 17:21:28).
- Cinnamon said, "Anything's a gag if your jaw opens wide enough!" (2020-11-17 17:21:36).
- Melvil Dewey said, "if we're gonna have fun here we gotta make sure everyone's okay with it, that's just polite" (2020-11-17 17:21:56).
- Alexios glances between Cinnamon and the various Void Walkers in the room. (2020-11-17 17:22:34).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Bon-Bon, are you secretly a were-creature? Half wolf, half snake that can unhinge her jaw?" (2020-11-17 17:22:35).
- Melvil Dewey said, "I don't know what you mean, I've never been affiliated or known to affiliate with any ORDER organization" (2020-11-17 17:22:56).
- Cinnamon hisses! "I've been found out!" (2020-11-17 17:23:24).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Yeah there's no way Melvil is the OOO spy, he's too chaotic. Perfectly chaotic actually, suspiciously chaotic. Not orderly at all. Liemannen though, he's all orderly and turncoaty" (2020-11-17 17:23:40).
- Cinnamon flicks her tongue and gives a toothy grin. (2020-11-17 17:23:55).
- Alexios said, "So you're saying he's consistently chaotic? He's not sometimes chaotic and sometimes orderly? Isn't consistency against the nature of chaos?" (2020-11-17 17:24:37).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Maybe Dewey IS too chaotic. An... an ordered chaos" (2020-11-17 17:26:02).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Oh... a butterfly! " (2020-11-17 17:26:10).
- Rubbish Wolverine looks lost in thought as he watches a moth flop around the place. (2020-11-17 17:26:22).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Let's not get into complex chaos theory, it's all letters and greek to me at that point!" (2020-11-17 17:26:30).
- Liberia Crystal said, "And numbers! Don't forget the numbers. There's like, hundreds of numbers out there! Maybe even thousands!" (2020-11-17 17:26:58).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Who is OOO? They sound spooky, like the sound a ghost makes." (2020-11-17 17:27:03).
- Cinnamon flops her head on top of Melvil's and gives his hair a good snuffling. "Nope, smells like chaos to me. He good. Or bad. Or...well, you know." (2020-11-17 17:27:24).
- Melvil Dewey said, "i mean its perfectly within the realm of chaos to flip heads like 15 times in a row and be perfectly orderly" (2020-11-17 17:27:26).
- Cinnamon said, "(really, DO you know? because I don't)" (2020-11-17 17:27:45).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "We are super ordered! " (2020-11-17 17:27:46).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "I haven't even hurt anyone today. " (2020-11-17 17:27:55).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Even when certain people in here say "I hate that guy" which is VERY HURTFUL. " (2020-11-17 17:28:15).
- Melvil Dewey said, "sometimes i go into the bathroom with a candle, look into the mirror and chant ORDER ORDER... but i can never work up the nerve to say it a third time" (2020-11-17 17:29:04).

As always, the chit chat turned to The Burning Heralds favorite topic, Books! AND BOY DID WE HAVE SOME THINGS TO TALK ABOUT


- Alexios said, "Hurtful? I just hope you haven't been chaotic with your books. Then, we'd have to get... hurtful." (2020-11-17 17:29:24).
- Melvil Dewey said, "well...i don't mean to insult my friend, but are a bit rubbish" (2020-11-17 17:29:35).
- Melvil Dewey said, "SIR I AM APPALLED" (2020-11-17 17:29:57).
- Melvil Dewey said, "do you know how well ordered my books are???" (2020-11-17 17:30:09).
- Melvil Dewey said, "YOU SEE THOSE NUMBERS ON THE SPINE" (2020-11-17 17:30:24).
- Alexios said, "Well, at least you seem to be treating your dictionary well." (2020-11-17 17:30:26).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Sometimes people chant "CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS" at mirrors but I'm always too lazy to climb out of the mirror at them. Like, hello, I just got my manicure, I don't want to be scrabbling against glass with my nails!" (2020-11-17 17:30:37).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Chaotic with my books? Not at all, I can't even read. " (2020-11-17 17:30:39).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Oh, Libby. You need to take the glass out with your elbow, then you can lunge straight out in one smooth movement. " (2020-11-17 17:31:10).
- Melvil Dewey said, "although now they have this newfangled """alphabetical""" system and by """Genre"" " (2020-11-17 17:31:35).
- Melvil Dewey said, "UGH" (2020-11-17 17:31:40).
- Rubbish Wolverine looks down on themselves (2020-11-17 17:31:42).
- Alexios said, "Alternatively, just shoot them." (2020-11-17 17:31:46).
- Cinnamon slowly puts away the book she was using as a chew toy. (2020-11-17 17:31:55).
- Alexios stares. (2020-11-17 17:32:11).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Admittedly, I haven't hopped out of any mirrors since I was a lowly pariah... " (2020-11-17 17:32:12).
- Alexios slowly reaches into his back pocket. (2020-11-17 17:32:26).
- Alexios loosed a projectile that released indigo-blue waves of arcane energy throughout the area as it impacted its target.
- Alexios said, "BAD DOG!" (2020-11-17 17:32:47).
- Cinnamon said, "Oof, owie, my lustrous and voluminous coat!" (2020-11-17 17:33:12).
- Cinnamon said, "Marred with stab wounds!" (2020-11-17 17:33:21).
- Alexios said, "You see? Ranged weapons means there's no risk of getting yourself dirty." (2020-11-17 17:33:45).
- Cinnamon said, "Do you know how much this pelt is worth? You're ruining my retirement plan!" (2020-11-17 17:33:53).
- Alexios said, "Do you know how much that book was worth?" (2020-11-17 17:34:19).
- Someone used a bullhorn to say: 'About tree fiddy?'. It was so loud, it must have come from inside. (2020-11-17 17:34:38).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh no, the tree fiddy? I've heard rumors but " (2020-11-17 17:35:04).
- Alexios said, "No. It was $9.99. Can't you read?" (2020-11-17 17:35:10).
- Cinnamon said, "Yeah, anywhere from 5 to 10 xp!" (2020-11-17 17:35:10).
- Melvil Dewey looks around worriedly" (2020-11-17 17:35:13).
- Melvil Dewey searched and found Bella. They were hiding. (2020-11-17 17:35:29).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Hey not everyone can read! Some of us are functional illiterates, it's very hard to get 1000 books eaten when you can't read their titles" (2020-11-17 17:35:46).
- Alexios said, "There $3.50 books are over in section D.E.A.T.H." (2020-11-17 17:35:48).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh no, I didn't realize we were playing hide and go seek, Bella! I found you! you have to find a new spot" (2020-11-17 17:35:54).
- Alexios said, "This is M.U.R.D.E.R." (2020-11-17 17:36:04).
- Alexios said, "It's a very sophisticated system" (2020-11-17 17:36:15).
- Cinnamon said, "It's tough but I know you can do it Libby! Like the old proverb - how do you eat a library? One page at a time!" (2020-11-17 17:36:19).
- Alexios said, "Try it." (2020-11-17 17:36:43).
- Alexios said, "I will stab you." (2020-11-17 17:36:56).
- Sunete said, "I made sure to bring presents for Alexios! Here!" (2020-11-17 17:37:23).
- Cinnamon giggles! (2020-11-17 17:37:23).
- Alexios said, "Unfortunately, my reality-bending powers do not extend to guns." (2020-11-17 17:37:31).
- Melvil Dewey said, "have you tried throwing the guns?" (2020-11-17 17:37:47).
- Alexios said, "No. ven my admittedly vast abilities do not allow me to do that." (2020-11-17 17:38:13).
- Alexios said, "I mean, you have to stop SOMEWHERE." (2020-11-17 17:38:26).
- Alexios said, "The entire universe would probably collapse if I tried to break it so egregiously." (2020-11-17 17:38:52).
- Cinnamon said, "Only if you're bound by laws and logic and reason." (2020-11-17 17:38:56).
- Alexios said, " the universe is, you mean?" (2020-11-17 17:39:14).
- Alexios said, "As fun as breaking reality is, I would prefer to still have a reality to break." (2020-11-17 17:39:45).
- Cinnamon said, "Maybe it's that way in our reality but ours is LIMITLESS" (2020-11-17 17:39:51).
- Cinnamon said, "I didn't bring gifts but I have some dusty candy in my pockets. I hope it's good enough!" (2020-11-17 17:40:23).
- Alexios said, "Well, that's the way it is in this reality, at least." (2020-11-17 17:40:25).
- Sunete said, "Do your books not tell you how to throw guns? Why even have books then?!" (2020-11-17 17:40:47).
- Alexios said, "Have you seen the "The floor is lava" universe?" (2020-11-17 17:41:02).
- Alexios said, "Books tell you many things." (2020-11-17 17:41:18).
- Alexios said, "Like how to read books." (2020-11-17 17:41:28).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh no, catch-22? WHICH CAME FIRST THE BOOK OR THE READER" (2020-11-17 17:42:35).

Unfortunately the sleepover was about to run into another problem THE ELDER POWERS THEMSELVES. These selfish bastards drag us into the Nexus and then don't even let us have a proper sleepover!!


- Melvil Dewey said, "what the heck, cinnamon...why are you holding your hands over your mouth?" (2020-11-17 17:43:01).
- Melvil Dewey said, "HAVE THE NEXAL LORDS DENIED YOU SPEECH!" (2020-11-17 17:43:13).
- Rubbish Wolverine scuffs his heels against the ground. "Alexios, could you maybe teach me to read? I've just been rubbing the books against my head until I learn stuff." (2020-11-17 17:43:53).
- Melvil Dewey said, "curse the elder powers! Curse them! First you don't let me destroy doors, now you take away my friend's free speech! And their paid speech! CURSE YOU" (2020-11-17 17:43:58).
- Liemannen was made to read books today (2020-11-17 17:44:01).
- Liemannen said, "And was given some dummies to train with too" (2020-11-17 17:44:25).
- Liemannen said, "I am quite orderly now, medical orderly soon even" (2020-11-17 17:44:50).
- Sunete said, "Don't worry everyone, Cinnamon only had a few cuts and bruises. My suwurgery fixed her right up!" (2020-11-17 17:45:22).
- Liemannen said, "Today I learned how to forcibly stick a tube down in someone and steal their pee" (2020-11-17 17:45:37).
- Melvil Dewey said, "what is this suwurgery....UwU? " (2020-11-17 17:46:23).
- Melvil Dewey goes all anime bishounen...UWU" (2020-11-17 17:46:39).
- Alexios said, "The first step to reading, young Wolverine, is to stare into the pages of the Codex until it feels like your brain is going to melt and drip like badly made Jello out of your skull." (2020-11-17 17:46:41).
- Sunete said, "It's like surgery, but I'm not legally allowed to call it surgery Sad" (2020-11-17 17:46:59).
- Melvil Dewey said, "I'm guwuing to have to add more catuwugories to my decuwumal systuwum" (2020-11-17 17:47:29).
- Sunete said, "Like american cheese product!" (2020-11-17 17:47:54).
- Cinnamon whispers with Alexios and then starts trying to eat herself. Her jaw unhinges and in goes one arm and then the other! No one can stop her, not even the Nexal Lords themselves!!! (2020-11-17 17:48:07).

Phew! Cinnamon looks like she has defied the Elder Powers once again! ALTHOUGH I HOPE YOU'VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION because here comes Endo to respond to the dance challenge Libby gave him way back at the beginning! You thought we forgot about that eh?



- Endo vigorously takes up Liberia's offer for a dance off by robotting into a janky leg and pirouetting into a shuffle. (2020-11-17 17:49:07).
- Froggy the Gremlin gasps! "Again! More! YES!" (2020-11-17 17:52:14).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Someone get Tom Bergeron, we're dancing with the stars!" (2020-11-17 17:52:57).
- Alexios stares deeply at Rubbish Wolverine and says, "Make sure you wait at least 24 hours after staring at the Codex, to ensure the brain fluid has time to properly drain from your body. Afterwards, find somebody who can read, viciously murder them, extract their brain, and implant it into your skull." (2020-11-17 17:53:20).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "So take brain and rub brain on face until I can read? Sounds great! " (2020-11-17 17:54:25).
- Melvil Dewey said, "hmmm that's a great idea, I'm a big proponent of eating brains to gain their knowledge. It's just efficient!" (2020-11-17 17:57:53).
- Endo said, "Get your tentacles to dance, Froggy! They've got the wiggles!" (2020-11-17 17:58:56).
- Alexios smiles widely. "Yes, yes do that! Maybe some intelligence will make it past to that junk that you call a brain." (2020-11-17 18:01:14).
- Alexios blinks repeatedly. "Sorry, but I have to be going. I have a pressing appointment with the corner to get to." With that said, he returns to his previous state of standing in the corner, staring out at some incomprehensible thing in the distance. (2020-11-17 18:03:23).
- Cinnamon has now managed to fit both legs into her maw like some kind of cursed, ribbon-clad ouroboros. (2020-11-17 18:08:08).
- Endo cheers Cinnamon on (2020-11-17 18:14:22).
- Endo said, "She really gonna do it! She gonna do it!" (2020-11-17 18:14:37).



- Melvil Dewey said, "sorry about the noise! our friend got dropped off late and wanted to come to the sleepover also!" (2020-11-17 18:16:45).
- Melvil Dewey said, "glad you could make it to the party Mara!" (2020-11-17 18:16:57).
- Mara said, "Heyho, ME KAIKKI KUOLEMME!!" (2020-11-17 18:17:11).
- Fake News Machine said, "I'm not exactly certain what's going on here, but as with most things I'm fully prepared to blame chemtrails and 5G towers." (2020-11-17 18:17:34).
- Mara said, "Thanks for the invitation. I am glad to be here!" (2020-11-17 18:17:57).
- Melvil Dewey said, "hmmm im not sure about all that... but do you have any highly suspect supplements and pre-workout powders to sell me?" (2020-11-17 18:18:39).
- Mara said, "Just wear a aluminium hat...and all will be fine!" (2020-11-17 18:19:03).
- Melvil Dewey said, "(ooc actually sorry about bashing your ward again, I will stick around and make sure no uh.../no more/ unwanted guests show up)" (2020-11-17 18:19:52).
- Mara said, "This is a sleepover, right? So I am going to have a nap." (2020-11-17 18:22:06).
- Mara disappeared from view. (2020-11-17 18:22:23).
- Melvil Dewey said, "whaaaat? Nobody actually sleeps at the sleepover, that's just a lie to tell your parents so you can stay up late!" (2020-11-17 18:22:32).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh no, she's a pro hide and go seek player! This one is gonna be tough" (2020-11-17 18:23:01).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Strategic catnaps are fair play, as long as they help you stay up later!" (2020-11-17 18:24:55).
- Fake News Machine said, "I'm fresh out of super male enhancement mix, but I might be able to get some overpriced military-lifestyle accessories. You look like someone who desires to be "more tactical"." (2020-11-17 18:25:21).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh man I have always wanted some extremely impractical and overly hostile military gear to wear around in public!" (2020-11-17 18:26:45).
- Cinnamon accidentally triggers her gag reflex! Out come all four limbs and other contents of the Very Hungry(tm) wolf's stomach: bones and spellgems and the golden locks of the world's #1 hero. Poprocks and pretzels come spilling forth. But over and beyond these snacks and trinkets are pages and books and manuscripts of untold numbers. Common trash romance paperbacks are interspersed with textbooks and the latest trend in YA literature. Sprinkled amongst the regurgitation are a few rare signed first editions. One manuscript in particular stands out, though part of the title has been bleached by stomach acid: W---- of Wint--. Could the original manuscript rotting in the belly of a hungry hungry wolf-po have been what was causing the delay all these long, lonely years? (2020-11-17 18:27:23).
- Cinnamon burps. "Bless this mess, amIright?" (2020-11-17 18:30:19).
- Alexios awakens to stare deep into Cinnamon's soul. (2020-11-17 18:40:49).
- Alexios loosed a projectile that released indigo-blue waves of arcane energy throughout the area as it impacted its target. (2020-11-17 18:40:56).
- Alexios says, "BAD DOG! NO EATING BOOKS!" before returning to his corner-trance. (2020-11-17 18:41:25).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "HEH. I gotta funny question here, I do, I do. So, say, what's a B O O K?" (2020-11-17 18:42:26).
- Cinnamon said, "You know, trapezoid-shaped things with funny pictures and symbols in 'em. Consuming 'em makes you smarter, but they can be hard to digest at times...heh" (2020-11-17 18:47:28).
- Endo said, "Aw." (2020-11-17 18:48:06).
- Endo said, "I would've given up the Winds of Winter to see a wo-wolf eat herself whole." (2020-11-17 18:48:27).
- Endo said, "But now we get neither." (2020-11-17 18:48:36).
- Cinnamon said, "There is only one solution - the uvula must be stopped. Alexios, your knife is sharp, mind getting in there and helping a lady out?" (2020-11-17 18:54:30).
- Liberia Crystal boogies twice as hard as before (2020-11-17 18:55:50).
- Melvil Dewey said, "Cinnamon, you have no idea how disappointed I was when I found out Reader's Digest was not about gastrointestinal tips" (2020-11-17 18:55:58).
- Liberia Crystal said, "You got some funk, mate! That robot all you can pull, or you got some secret moves ready to bust out?" (2020-11-17 18:56:26).
- Melvil Dewey said, "those books are hard to stomache! *grimaces and holds tummy*" (2020-11-17 18:56:53).
- Liberia Crystal points Endo to (2020-11-17 18:56:56).

It wouldn't be a great party without some PARTY CRASHERS! They may be uncouth little kitties, but they got some people awake and partying who had been pretending to sleep! Don't think we didn't notice you,



- Natalka Massacre destroyed a ward protecting this location! (2020-11-17 19:05:10).
- Natalka Massacre said, "I expected many things, but not this." (2020-11-17 19:06:26).
- You use your bullhorn to say: 'ARE YOU HERE FOR THE SLEEPOVER NEW FRIEND?'. (2020-11-17 19:06:30).
- Natalka Massacre said, "Gurandra generously passed me a Fire Affinity, so I can ignore the one rude summoner." (2020-11-17 19:07:20).
- Gurandra said, "Your attacks hurt me sooooo goood " (2020-11-17 19:07:25).
- Gurandra starts drooling from the mouth (2020-11-17 19:07:34).
- Endo said, "Expect to get unexpected!" (2020-11-17 19:07:42).
- Gurandra summoned a Wrackwyrm. (2020-11-17 19:07:43).
- Endo said, "Wait hno\" (2020-11-17 19:07:45).
- Natalka Massacre attacked Endo with a Chainsaw , killing him! (2020-11-17 19:07:46).
- Natalka Massacre said, "He attacked me first." (2020-11-17 19:07:52).
- Stuffed Teddy, a Nether Hound, belonging to Froggy the Gremlin, attacked Wrackwyrm, killing them! (2020-11-17 19:08:12).
- Melvil Dewey said, "hello friends! this is a peaceful friendly sleepover" (2020-11-17 19:08:12).
- Melvil Dewey said, "oh no this is a disaster" (2020-11-17 19:08:28).
- Melvil Dewey has changed your factional stance toward Feral Clowder. You are now hostile towards them. (2020-11-17 19:08:42).
- Napalm Death said, "Tsk. Damn hooligans." (2020-11-17 19:08:42).
- Kyra Redstorm said, "Just an intruder, all clear now I think." (2020-11-17 19:09:06).
- Melvil Dewey said, "well I know where we are sleeping over next!" (2020-11-17 19:09:07).
- Endo wipes acid off his jacket (2020-11-17 19:10:12).
- Napalm Death said, "Trying to encroach while we're playing host to you wonderful people..." (2020-11-17 19:10:15).
- Endo said, "Well, they won't be bothering us anymore." (2020-11-17 19:10:21).
- Napalm Death said, "Should be utterly ashamed. " (2020-11-17 19:10:29).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "I must say, our sleepover at Feral Clowder could be a little less friendship is magic and a little more survival is tragic" (2020-11-17 19:11:01).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Wait, Endo didn't you die? " (2020-11-17 19:11:11).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Welcome back Endo! I guess the audience wasn't jiving with your grooves comradeski~" (2020-11-17 19:11:39).
- Invisible Hand of the Market twitches at the word "comradeski". (2020-11-17 19:12:22).
- Endo said, "Death can only destroy this body. Death cannot destroy the funk, which flows through me." (2020-11-17 19:12:27).
- Endo said, "The two of them - they were unfunky." (2020-11-17 19:12:45).
- Endo said, "And now they are dead. So it is." (2020-11-17 19:12:56).
- Liberia Crystal grooves harder and pops it (2020-11-17 19:13:55).
- Liberia Crystal said, "Yeah! They fell for the Doctor Funkenstein Fate!" (2020-11-17 19:14:15).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "I can't express loudly enough how much I wish funky Endo was in CCC. We really need a hip dancer. Still, this isn't a recruitment drive, it's a sleepover. Now paint my nails" (2020-11-17 19:18:06).
- Rubbish Wolverine lifts a scabby foot with razor sharp, malformed, nails. (2020-11-17 19:18:16).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "Some unfunky kind of UFO here from the sun. You've got the groove and we want some" (2020-11-17 19:21:09).
- Endo ponders the offer. (2020-11-17 19:21:11).
- Endo said, "Damn aliens! They're unfunky and they're obsolete!" (2020-11-17 19:21:30).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "you've got all that's really needed to save a dying world from its funkless hell" (2020-11-17 19:21:56).
- Arikita said, "You know, I think Sunete is very cute in doggy form. Wanna stay here and be my pet?" (2020-11-17 20:10:24).
- Froggy the Gremlin said, "URP!!" before hopping out the front door" (2020-11-17 22:41:59).
- Someone used a bullhorn to say: 'Lib Libbi awaaaaaaaaay! We'll dance another daaaaaay~'. The sound seems to be coming from outside the building.. (2020-11-17 22:53:25).
- Rubbish Wolverine said, "Time for us to move on! Thanks for being lovely guests, we were really expecting you guys to do a murder, but you were really lovely. Have a great day! " (2020-11-17 22:53:44).
- Melvil Dewey said, "bye!" (2020-11-17 23:14:20).

An excellent sleepover and a good time was had by all!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rumours that the TBH sleepover than turned into a murderfest at The Faithful's stronghold are... greatly exaggerated. We Are Your Friends.
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

MURDERFEST...? No... No Murder...

More of a, uh, scheduling conflict.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Princess Bubblegum stumbled across this notice only recently, and apologizes to Mr. Myers for his treatment in the Candy Kingdom.

She was very pleased to see the latest RP support when attempting to gift Mr. Myers with a candy corn when he came trick-or-treating:

"This item is a part of you and cannot be given away!"
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