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Nexus Clash :: View topic - Patch Notes - 14th Feb
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Patch Notes - 14th Feb

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So much universe and so little time
So much universe and so little time

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2021 6:14 am    Post subject: Patch Notes - 14th Feb Reply with quote

Game Mechanics
* Characters may now Harvest key resources from resource tiles for a flat amount of AP, which can be reduced by search skills and bonuses. There are a large number of tile types with Harvest options in the world - go find them!
* Boss fight badges for top damage dealer will now be awarded to the top damage dealer who doesn't already have the top damage dealer badge for that boss fight. This should allow previous top scorers to join boss fights without issues with awarding of the top prize.
* Zombies raised by Sect of Maevel members, other Maevel zombies, or deaths with lingering infection will have the name of the character who died to generate the zombie.
* Aethersprites will not heal characters in factions the Lightspeaker's faction is hostile to.
* While defending against a stronghold siege on their master's faction (defined as a destroyed or near-destroyed ward) Aethersprites will only heal factionmates and characters in factions the Lightspeaker's faction is friendly to.
* Anoint of Healing potions now grants XP if it healed HP.
* Anoint of Healing potions now increases Morality if it healed HP.
* The pool of Heavy Items that spawn in Elysium and Stygia has been significantly expanded.

Quality of Life and Interface
* You can now see the quality of items with degrading quality on the ground in the item pickup interface. If you are able to pick up heavy items, you will be able to see their quality as well.
* Faction safes will now only display items that you are not blocked from taking out of the safe for alt reasons. This is to prevent (for instance) an entire category of item being blocked for you because your alt put one in years ago. This only applies to the advanced safe list dropdowns for ammo, potions, etc.; you will be able to view the full list or (if you are a leader) dump items even if they were put in by your alt.
* You are now informed when being healed by others cures you of Defiler Poison or Minor Poison.
* Cleared up some ambiguity in the character creation interface. The minimum name length in Nexus is 3 characters.

Major Bugs
* Potions of Regeneration and Healing Aura now erode the duration of Sorcerers Might instead of being nullified completely by Sorcerers Might.
* Disabled Anointing of Healing and Regeneration potions onto Demons.
* Fixed an issue where Anoint of Healing potions bypassed Sorcerers Might mechanics.
* Anoint of Healing potions now has some zerg flag protections that were absent before.
* Enacted a purge of the remaining heavy items that appeared in locations but didn't really exist when picked up. Let us know if you encounter this issue again; we've also implemented a fix that should keep it from turning up again even if the cause had unforeseen variables.

Minor Bugs
* Fixed an issue where Halloween Vampire Fangs did not trigger Acid Blood or Magma Blood.
* Anoint of Healing potions now grants Healing Grace to Knot of Keepers members.
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