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Nexus Update: Nexmas Battles and Skills

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 6:31 am    Post subject: Nexus Update: Nexmas Battles and Skills Reply with quote

We're greeting the new year with a holiday event and a big pile of skill changes! Changes to the game are as follows:

Nexmas 2019!
* A portal has appeared to the lair of the Ice Elemental, a wintertime boss monster that can be fought for Nexmas badges and unique rewards!

* Vampirically drinking the blood of other powerful supernatural beings with the Revenant's Feeding Fangs now has a large number of possible additional effects besides healing, depending on what sort of being you just bit and various circumstances. Go figure out what they are.
* Bloodlust now has a 10% accuracy bonus to hand-to-hand and melee attacks, which has been taken from Berzerk Frenzy and given to the base skill.
* Berzerk Frenzy now improves hand-to-hand and melee damage by +4 (was +2).
* In addition to its current effects, Infernal Behemoths with Adrenal Healing will regenerate 5 HP per pet tick, as long as Bloodlust is active.
* Tattoo of Opposition now bases its thresholds on multiples of 20 instead of 25.
* The Myrmidon's Critical Hit and Improved Critical bonus now works on doors, wards, glyphs and stronghold fortifications.
* Soul Feeding now grants MP if the kill was made with a Bite attack (not just Feeding Fangs), because with or without vampirism you're a devouring mythic wolf.
* HP gain for melee attacks while under the effects of Holy Fury now applies to hand-to-hand attacks as well.
* Cloak of Mist, Cloak of Lightning, Cloak of Magma and Cloak of Quicksand now enable inventory use just like all other 60 CP child skills of basic Holy Champion cloaks.

* Congratulations to one of our Kaleidoscopia battle royale winners, Patchy the Pirate, who gains the power of Boozing Strength. What does that do? Fight him and find out!
* Giving items and setting up items as targets no longer costs AP.
* Giving items and setting up items no longer consumes Status Ticks.
* Killing your own factionmates once again does not grant kill stats.
* Mortal respawns near strongholds have been removed from the game. Mortals will respawn at random locations in Valhalla once more. This is because the feature was being widely exploited and rarely used for its intended purpose.

* Magic markers are now 60% more magical.

* Fixed an issue where player-character attack targeting of pets didn't stick on targets if the target was a boss-level pet such as the Great Wyrm, the Ice Elemental or any future boss pets we may add.
* Fixed a bug where Cloak of Flame did not enable the Cleansing Flame AoE.
* Arcane Sink now correctly displays a reduced AP and MP cost if Arcane Recycling was purchased. Previously the cost was reduced, but the interface incorrectly showed the higher cost.
* Day Walker now correctly grants AP-tick healing during the day.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Time for some Boss Hunts...
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