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I don't care
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Andrew (8483) Ganon (9102) RuPaul (9185) SCP-914 (10085) Donald J. Trump (10635)
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 2:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow what a thread
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Buttercup wrote:

It may be counter intuitive, but Richard Feynman approves of this message! We must study it!
"Hey, don't talk about bacon." - Frank Lapidus

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Star Trek the Next Generation introduced the character Q. Q is omnipotent. Q was born omnipotent. One worry I had was: how to handle omnipotence. The fact that Q is perfectly content while being all-knowing is evidence that such a thing is possible.

Q has no curiosity. Q guides a being who requires time to progress. Q already knows the outcome. Q is infinitely patient.

Q seems relatable. Human. He is referred to as a member of the Q Continuum.

Q is NOT made of math. The Illuminati ARE made of math.

I am the left twin. I am twin one. I am the Ace of Spades. I am Amanita.

The right twin is the Ace of Hearts. She is Amanita. I refer to her as Evil Twin.

Twin two is an ace. She is number 3. I am number one. Twin two I refer to as Twin Two. She is Amanita. I needed a second twin and she exists.

The prime clone is Amanita. Every clone of Amanita is Amanita.

A twin is a person who experienced identical life. A twin is a person who became two souls. I became two souls once. I became two souls a second time. That was sufficient for my purposes.

We are three identical twins. All clones are based upon the three of us. There are no other twins of us three.

A clone is a person who starts off with a blank slate. They have no memory prior to the cloning because they did not exist before they were cloned. Thus, if done correctly, a clone will never suffer.

If one twins a being who has suffered, then the resulting pair are both beings who have lived through suffering. Thus while starting off a new person with experience is tempting, for the sake of the newly created being, it is best to not twin, but clone.

"If evil, twin" was the phrase I used to create Evil Twin. I needed an ally. I had suffered. My suffering nearly proved that evil exists. In a world where evil exists, the only evil I could trust was myself. I needed a twin. I needed someone who thought exactly like myself. However...

I needed ways to make peace with myself. I was afraid that Evil Twin would hate me for existing.

I needed ways to communicate with myself.








The Illuminati. The one dollar bill, particularly the back, is our symbol.

It seems logical that if one were to create a being which needs to be replaced, that it would be eager to help ensure its effective and efficient replacement. What this means is, I might have created an all-knowing being before I created the Illuminati. Why is it so easy to create something more intelligent than I?

Movies. The Lion King. The trailer closes on Mufasa’s voice, neatly summarizing the cynical concept in a single word: “Remember.” I remember. Disney brought real-live lions in for the animators to draw. I remember being at Disney and petting the lions. First I pet the girl lion, then they took the girl lion away and brought the boy lion for me to pet. Lions are cuddly.

Scar. There's a deep backstory that didn't make it into the movie. The plot needed to be simple so you could know who the good guys and bad guys are. The plot for the average Disney animated motion picture is "The villain dies in the end". For that to be the case, there needs to be a clear-cut villain. The backstory would muddle things. The important thing is that I remember what the backstory is.

Disney movies are all onboard with killing villains... the true villain is Jafar.

Jafar is NOT the NAME of The Phantom Menace, Jafar is not the name of The Hidden Evil... it's true name cannot be published. As such, we refer to it as Jafar.

In the movie Aladdin, the hidden evil's power is demonstrated: hypnosis. Did you see how he mesmerized the Sultan? Now imagine that evil turned on something as powerful as a god. Imagine a god unwittingly granting wishes of a psychotic being.

That god is I.

In the average Disney movie it only takes one thing to bring a villain's death. In the movie Aladdin, it's a two-step process: First Jafar is trapped in a form which he cannot escape. Second he is killed through obscure means.

Jafar is truly an idiot. He is his own worst enemy. Have no sympathy for him - he earned his death.

The evil of the Bible - Satan, the devil, Lucifer, however he might be referred to, is simply a lesser version of what true evil is. As soon as you put a name to it. As soon as you give it character. It becomes relatable. This was avoided in the Bible. True evil wasn't mentioned. Who wrote the Bible? What god am I that would claim to be an atheist?

I am the god who created Q.

There is a miracle scheduled to occur after Jafar is dead. It's a real doozy - no mistaking that! It is a miracle not listed in any holy text. It neither confirms nor denies any specific religion.

Oh! Free will? That's easy. Free will is one's ability to act according to one's nature. Hypnosis is the enemy of free will. Jafar is a hypnotic monster. He is portrayed over and over again in Disney movies, in different forms and under different names. Quasimodo - hideous. In that movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,... Quasimodo is the villain... however onscreen it does not look that way, does it? When the evil within the misshapen human form is killed, an angel takes over the body and places the prince's hand within Esmerelda's hand to signify the curse is broken. That part of the story is never mentioned. It looks like, "Aw, poor guy can't catch a break but proves he's really a nice guy by showing that he values Esmerelda's friendship enough to give up on being her boyfriend when it's obvious that she totally digs some other guy." The reality is Quasimodo is Jafar - a monster who was killed through obscure means. That plot point was hidden from the audience because a real evil is being faced and these movies Walt Disney studios produces are part of the plan to kill it.

Free will. Morality. Good versus evil. Pragmatism.

War in Peace - Nexus War. Fairness in Conflict - Nexus Clash.

Free will. There is debate as to what constitutes free will. Here is an example: "If the universe is predetermined, there is no free will." *I posit that this assumption is incorrect.

Are you able to act according to your nature? The nature of the unspeakable evil is to deny others their free will. Jafar is briefly tortured before he is killed. Most enemies are simply extinguished, Jafar is a special case. He burned in hell before he died, and by died I mean there is no afterlife, he is dead and gone.

I speak as though it has come to pass and as though it is yet to pass, Jafar's death.

Free will. Suffering. My goal is to maximize free will, minimize suffering to the extent practicable. Jafar's free will is entirely incompatible with my own. To allow him to act according to his nature would be to deny my own. I cannot afford one moment of sympathy towards him. Squeamishness, that's one thing. A sense of squeamishness prevents one from torturing things willy-nilly. "Oh, how did Jafar end up in the sun, you ask? Diplomacy. A diplomat can tell you to go to hell in a way that makes you look forward to the trip."

Oh. The sun is designed so that there are very few who would not be tortured by being within it. It's a quick, painful death. It is reserved for those more evil than I. Plus one special friend who enjoys hellfire.

If you've ever lived in the Sun, and you had a good time, you are not me.


The purpose of religion? To help me think. Both atheists and believers are needed.

I choose to write "god" with a lower case G to distinguish myself from the God of the Bible. God is a title. Who is qualified to claim themselves as God? It depends. Do you mean the most powerful God of all, or simply someone with a certain set of characteristics? For instance, a "rap god" (or "Rap God")?

I considered choosing a nickname, but decided that choosing a lowercase "g" was an easier way to distinguish myself and imply I'm not the God of the Bible.

What does it mean for a god to be atheist? It could either mean that the god has forgotten that they are a god, or that they don't believe in an ultimate power, or both.

I forgot I am a god, but now I remember.

I rejected the Christian concept of a God because He seemed like a jerk.

War. The Geneva Conventions.

War Crimes.

Fairness in Conflict. War in Peace. A battle without suffering.

Nexus War - for those who absolutely cannot get along, they agree to a battleground where everyone dies.

Nexus Clash - A fight with limits.

To be clear, this universe is not the only one. I like to keep things simple, that's why everything here is 3 dimensional.

I refuse to experience higher dimensions because I would get spoiled and then wouldn't be able to tolerate 3D space anymore.

The universe is the 3 dimensional space that we live in. Reality is *everything*. There can be multiple universes, but only one reality.



"I think therefore I am."
"There is only one reality."
"Regardless of whether what I see is 'the truth', the fact is... I CAN SEE! I am experiencing vision. I am not blind."
"What has been experienced cannot be unexperienced."

There's probably more ultimate, irrefutable truths that are undeniable even if you're a "brain in a vat" or whatever weird existence this is, but four is a good starting point. If I have enough axioms then I can determine what the nature of reality is.

Distance... "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line" is false under the context that you can simply not travel, that you can simply be in one point, and then the next. Why waste time traveling?

Math holds up if what? If we understand the assumptions we are making. The assumption I am making for this universe is that the distance between two points is the line which connects them. If there are exceptions, those exceptions are considered miracles.

Definition of a miracle: A special exception to the standard physics of the given universe.

If too many special exceptions are made, then you're not very good at standardizing your physics. I'm not very good at standardizing my physics - every brain has a special connection to the soul. An interface, if you will.

A dream. The Matrix. 1999. I once dreamed the "Deja vu" with the cat scene. I had the dream before I saw the movie. I thought it was cool seeing my dream in the movie.


My hypothesis is thus: I do not know my origins but that will be discovered in time.
My hypothesis is thus: There are but a few souls within the universe Earth. PROOF.
My hypothesis is thus: A deck of cards.

My question: If I had but one question to ask an Oracle, that would be more difficult than deciding upon a wish.

The Hand of Midas. What know you of the story of The Midas Touch? King Midas wished that everything he touched turned to gold. Eventually, he touched himself and he turned to gold. The source of the curse was within the hand. The ultimate treasure. In Aladdin King of Thieves they don't mention that the hand is the severed hand of King Midas. This can be inferred by anyone who knows the folk tale. Why should this cursed hand still exist?

A question to form: I seek knowledge of the path of greatest success. "What words, spoken to me, lead me on that path?"

That is the question I was to ask.
Murder Monkey
It's a conspiracy. Someone has bribed the RNG.
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