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Nexus Clash :: View topic - Deadpool is fucking great
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Deadpool is fucking great

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:44 am    Post subject: Deadpool is fucking great Reply with quote

I'm normally not the kind of guy who rushes out and sees a movie on opening night. I find it hard to get that excited over a movie. I kind of vaguely knew about Deadpool for a while, but never paid much attention to him. I mean, I knew he was a character and had some ties to the X-Men, but when it came time for him to appear on the big screen we got...

Yeah... Whoever came up with that one should be fired. Out of a cannon. And into a brick wall.

Deadpool was probably the most hilarious movie I've seen since Blazing Saddles. It's really strange, I went into it knowing he was going to be breaking the fourth wall and I still got caught off guard every time. I went into it knowing he was going to be obscene and somehow wasn't even bothered a little bit. I went into it pretty certain that there would be boobies and there were boobies, but I'm an adult and it didn't feel like they were thrown in there just for the sake of putting a topless girl on camera. In fact, most of the boobies were covered up by objects or people in the foreground which just turned their presence into a joke. All in all it was a heck of a lot more tasteful than I expected.

What I found coolest out of everything is that this isn't even retconning that crappy X-Men: Origins movie out of existence. Deadpool says it himself, he's fully aware that Professor Xavier is either James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart depending on which timeline we're in (Thank you Days of Future Past). Since we're in the James McAvoy timeline where Wolverine went back and changed things and Magneto dropped a stadium on the white house, the chips got to fill in a different place. So technically, this happened, but in an entirely different timeline:

But since mutants are now common knowledge and more or less sorta tolerated by the government, Wade ended up in a very different place before getting caught up in what turns him into Deadpool. Which is cool, I was worried about that since they can't just ignore the old movie and pretend it didn't happen. Turns out they can, because it didn't happen. Not in this timeline anyway. They really tied that one up in a nice workable package.

I'm already hyped for Deadpool 2. I look forward to seeing who they cast for Cable and what other time shenanigans are going to come up to justify them doing whatever. Hopefully the studio will be able to afford more than 2 X-Men this time. But I have to wonder if they can work out some kind of deal to allow him to appear in Avengers: Infinity War. Probably not, but we can dream.
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