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Flavor - Character Descriptions
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


This charming man is smiling quite widely, to the point where it seems less that he's happy and more that he wants to lunge for your neck.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This ...individual seems to have been burned alive, but despite being made entirely of charred carbon, they move and act fairly normally.

For a demon, or possibly redeemed.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Void Walker:

This... indivdual could almost be confused for an infant at first glance. It floats about five feet from the ground and has a withered, emaciated body and an overlarge misshapen head.

Not sure why I like the creepy inhuman aspects so much.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a thin, wiry young man in his early twenties with fluffy brown hair and a scruffy, unkempt look about him.

This is a large, overweight man in his thirties who has the look of someone who has not slept in days.


This is a tall and athletic man/woman with well kept, brilliant white hair. Small motes of light appear to dance around his/her body.


This individual has the appearance of a sculpture carved out of marble. Closer inspection reveals intricate gears and clockwork where their joints would be.


This elderly man has a remarkable lifting presence. On his exposed flesh strange sigils and glyphs appear and vanish seemingly at random.
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doom Howler

The cavernous mouth of this pallid emaciated man appears to be too big for his face. His black eyes shine like polished ebony backlit by blue flame. His long unkempt hair appears almost to be comprised of smoke. His limbs are exceedingly long and thin lending him an almost spider like air.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doom Howler:
An emaciated figure born of nightmares, pallid leprous flesh stretched taut over long emaciated limbs with joints that bend the wrong way. It's elongated neck terminates in a bullet shaped head with a cavernous mouth filled with row after row of filed ebony teeth.
Carl Panzram (Eternal Soldier)- Maximum Overdrive
Milamber (Conduit)- Alternative Heroes
Morthalius (Doomhowler)- Pirates of R'lyeh
Viga-Brand (Divine Herald) - Murder Inc.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Doom Howler:

A squat, ugly [man/woman] with no hair to speak of and yellowish, cracked skin. His/Her face features only a pair of beady white eyes, and is otherwise smooth. His/Her neck is split apart by a wide, toothless mouth, from which a long, red tongue frequently emerges.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maybe this can be of use eventually. Or not. Feel free to rewrite as you please if you ever use those. And all descriptions are male only, but can easily be rewritten for female aspects. I went for a bit of a "spooky former demon" and "martyr" imagery for the Redeemed. I have a lot more aspects I write down in my spare time, but those are the finished ones right now.

*An ugly scar mark the face of this golden, muscular man. His eyes are a bright, unnatural orange color.
*This grizzled old man is covered, head to toe, in scars. A bright light shine from his hands, feets and forehead.
*This, tall scarred man his deep red skin and tusks, yet a golden light surround him.
*This pale, beautiful man has white skin and golden hair. Spectral flames dance around his body, which is covered in stigmatas.
*This man has long, white hair and burning eyes. His hands look shriveled, even burned.
*Geometrical symbols are carved into the skin of this man. He has no eyes, but a bright light emanate from his bleeding sockets.
*This man is burning alive, his body covered in a thin sheet of bright blue flames that are slowly consuming his flesh.
*This somber-looking man has translucent golden, barbed chains wrapped around his neck, arms and legs.
*Letters seems to have been burned on every inch of the man’s body. Upon closer inspections, they appear to be prayers in every known language.
*Tears of black bile are constantly dripping from this bald man’s face. He appears to be in constant pain from it.
*Blueish scars cover this man’s body. They appear to glow, as if burning by some inner fire.
*A rune-like symbol has been branded on this man’s forehead. Translucent fire constantly flickler from it. His eyes are jet black and his expression blank.
*This man has short, messy and almost wild hair. The left side of his face has been branded with countless runes and its left eye socket is bleeding.
*The right side of this man’s body has golden skin and long white hair. Its left side is bald, and is covered in deep scars. His eyes socket are empty and bleeding.
*The scars on this man’s body are incredibly intricate, forming beautiful, if disturbing imagery of various celestial creatures.
*This old man has short grey and a dour expression. Stigmatas on his wrist spills not blood, but deep blue flames.
*Deep blue flames have replaced the hair, eyebrows and mustache of this man. A bleeding scar run across his cheek.
*A mass of scar tissue cover the body of this deformed man, as if he had cut off various inhuman appendages. His eyes are a bright white color.
*A prayer seems to have been carved on this man’s forehead. It seems to be slowly changing with every one of his movements, carving his flesh anew and causing blood to spill out.
*This man’s eyes and mouth have been sewn shut while his ears and nose have been mutilated. A pale light emanate from his cut wrists.

For Archons I went for somewhat 'bliblical trippy angel feel' while remaining within a humanoid frame. I tried to make them look downright spooky. Those who don't look too trippy just ooze aggression and power.

*This is one unusual man. His skin is pure gold and he has seven eyes, seven mouths as well as seven fingers on each hands.
*Seven golden masks float around this faceless man’s head, each one representing a specific virtue.
*Bright white flames adorn this man’s head like a crown. He has four eyes, one golden, one bronze, one green and one blue.
*This man has golden skin and two heads, one male with orange fire for a beard and one female with blue fire forming hair.
*Translucent, miniature golden weapons float around this man’s body. His skin is silvery and he has no face.
*Imposingly tall, this man has silvery skin and no face. Bright blue fire serve the purpose of hair and a pale glow emanate from his body.
*This man has bright golden skin and no mouth. A pair of bright beams of light emanate from his eyes.
*This man has pale skin and no face. Metallic shards erupt from his head, forming something akin to hair and a bright blue flame rest on top of his head like a crown.
*Blue runes rapidly spins around the head of this faceless man with golden skin It makes you dizzy.
*Glowing eyes have grown inside the palms of the imposing man. Burning flames dance upon his brow.
*A trio of flaming runes float near the brow of this grim-looking old man. His eyes, beard and hair glow brightly white.
*A blue rune floats above the head of this imposing, muscular man. A golden light shine from his body.
*This man is small, almost slender yet radiate power unlike anything else. Bright white light emanate from his body and lightning bolts crackle from his eyes and fingertips.
*This is an elderly man with pale skin, bushy white eyebrows and a long bear. A bright, almost blinding blue light emanate from his eyes.
*Glowing runes flickers in and out around this man, seemingly at random but in truth with a very complex pattern. Bright white flames dances in his hands.
*This old man’s body is covered in a sheet of bright white flames. His eyes are inscrutable silvery orbs.
*A third, glowing eye has grown on this man’s forehead. His hair is long and white, his skin jet black. Golden flames dance at the top of his skull.
*Golden flames erupt from this man’s jet black, featureless body. They seemingly stretch into seven golden, translucent wings.
*On this man’s jet black, smooth body have been scribbled glowing white runes. Orange flames adorn his shoulders like a mantle.
*In this man’s right hand are bright blue flames. In his left, bright golden flames. Three orange, burning eyes glow on his face.
*Circling around this jet black man’s face is a ring of orange fire. Seven glowing blue eyes are floating inside this ring.

Here are some Fallen aspects. I went for a bit of a 'creepy angelic beauty' theme for them. The last few are edited from existing NW aspects.

*This charming man has pale skin and long, dark hair. He has burning red eyes, which are slitted like cats.
*This man has jet black skin, no hair and bright white eyes. If one looks closely, his pearl-white teeth are long and sharp.
*This pale man is beautiful, almost androgynous. He has pale gray eyes, long hair. His face is disturbing, almost doll-like.
*This man’s entire body is composed of sharp, pointy porcelain shards. A few of them are cracked, exposing rusty iron bones.
*This figure’s entire body appear, at first glance, to be an extremely form-fitting blackened steel armor, but upon closer inspection reveal it to be its own flesh. Its expressionless face is akin to a metallic mask and its eye sockets are pure darkness.
*An elderly man of short stature with a friendly disposition. His grey hair is tightly pulled behind his skull. His eyes are a deep red color and his lips blackened.
*Sickly green flames flickers at the top of this man’s bald head. His lips and eyes are jet black.
*A pale, well built man, this figure has red eyes and red hair and pointy features.
*This tall, imposing and titanic figure is androgynous, has a bald head, pearl-white skin, black lips, black eyes and black eyeshadow.
*This beautiful figure is an idealized man with incredibly long, smooth jet black hair. His skin has turned an ashen color and his eyes are white.
*A beautiful young man with bronze skin and short black hair. His eyes are pools of pure darkness from which smoke slowly pours out.
*A slender figure, almost androgynous with grey skin, black hair and long black fingernails. Its eyes are glowing red.
*This man has jet black skin and a long mane of red hair. His teeth are long, sharp and jagged and his fingernails are almost claw-like.
*Blasphemous phrases adorn the wrists, neck and forehead of this delicate-looking man. His lips are blackened, almost burn off, revealing sharp, shark-like teeth.
*Hideous scars mar the face of this otherwise perfectly beautiful man. His skin has a somewhat sickly color and his eyes looks feverish.
*This man would look perfectly normal and human safe for the fact is shadow is that of a distorted angel.

Edited from existing aspects:
*A red symbol - perhaps a tattoo of sorts - representing a star is emblazoned on the forehead of this man. His skin is a solid black in color, reflecting no light, and making his features difficult to discern. His eyes are also solid black, and it is impossible to determine what he is looking at.
*This is a stern-looking individual of average height and build. His brow is deeply furrowed in places. Strange, glowing sickly green sigils float about his head, winking in and out of existence.
*A disturbingly handsome man, this individual is perhaps in his mid-thirties. His black hair and beard are all messy. One of his eyes is a jet black, without iris, while the other is a 'normal' brown.

I went for a skinny theme for the doom howler, mean and hungry. Its 'color pallette' are nothing but grey, blacks and white to symbolize its 'deathly' aspect.

Doom Howler:
*This pale man is skinny, impossibly so even. Long, messy translucent hair fall on his face. His lips are blackened and his eyes are glowing with a pale light.
*A skinny, malnourished man. His teeth are sharp and rotten and his eyes are a pale color.
*This skinny old man is hunched. His translucent decaying skin is tightly pulled around his bones.
*This is pale, skinny man. His pale eyes are slitted, like cats and sharp fangs erupt from his mouth. Glowing wisps of smoke form his hair.
*An exceedingly pale, almost transparent man. His fingers are disturbingly long.
*This pale, skinny creature has no lips, exposing its long, sharp fangs. It has no eyes.
*The lips of this man have rotted away, exposing his drooling maw. His jaw hang wide open, where a long, blueish tongue sticks out and darts around.
*This hunched creature has long, multi-jointed limbs. Its skin is rotting and tightly pulled around its bones, its face elongated into a distorted maw. Its eyes are black orbs.
*This gangly, misshapen creature has smooth, jet black skin. Its mouth is oversized and filled with sharp, jagged fangs. It has no eyes.
*Long, sharp black quills have replaced all the body hair on this tall, gangly pale man. Sharp jagged fangs erupt from his lipless mouth.
*This is a jet-black skeleton. It has sharp teeth and pale glowing blue orbs of fire in its eye sockets.
*This is a translucent skeleton. Its body is composed of sickly pale green flame and mist.
*This almost reptilian creature has ashen grey skin and no body fat. Jagged fangs erupt from its saurian face and its eyes are glowing with a pale light.
*Blackened veins can be seen on the skin of this incredibly pale man. His eye sockets are empty, replaced by sinister black flames.
*This...thing...might have been once human. Its skin is rubbery grey and a massive, fanged mouth has grown on its chest. It has no discernable head, however.

For Corruptors I went with two themes "Red Right Hand" and "Bestial deceit". Either they look like humans but 'wrong', or they look beastly which deceive people into assuming they're...well...nothing more than evil beasts. Also blabla about sin, I suppose. It make more sense in my head.

*This tall, pale man is beautiful. Inhumanly so, In fact. It send shivers down your spine. Something is innately wrong with this man, yet you can’t seem to put a finger on what. Something simply at a fundamental level.
*This individual appear of indeterminate gender, possibly hermaphrodite. His yellow, slitted eyes have a captivating gaze. His tongue, when visible, is unusually long.
*This man is red all over. Red skin. Red eyes and an enormous mane of long, wild crimson red hair.
*This a beautiful man, perfectly proportioned, tall and handsome. His ears are pointed and his eyes are glowing red.
*This look like an attractive man in his thirties, well groomed and regal. His right arm and hand are covered in red scales and thorns.
*This man’s skin has turned scaly. His neck is impossibly long and his face is somewhat ophidian. His eyes are reptilian.
*This man is impossible fat. His skin his slimy and his face is rather frog-like, with a wide mouth and bulging eyes.
*This man’s body is covered in thick, messy grey fur. His elongated ears and fanged mouth make him look somewhat bestial, but his gaze and posture suggest otherwise.
*Long, sharp teeth jut out of this man's wide mouth. His skin is wrinkled and grey and his glowing eyes have slitted pupils.
*Short, stocking, this man has tusks jutting out of his mouth. Short red fur adorn his body. His eyes gleam maliciously.
*Obese and slimy, this being appears to be something akin to a humanoid maggot. It's skin is pale and slimy. It's eyes are tiny and malformed black orbs.
*This tall man has grey skin and the head of a fly. Black barbs adorn his limbs.

I know they already have aspects, but I

Wyrm Master:
* is obviously suffering from some horrible skin condition. His body is covered from head to toes in grayish-green tumours. His eyes are puffy exorbitated orbs leaking some disgusting yellow fluid.
*This man's body appear to be in constant flux. His skin's color and texture seems constantly changing. Eyes and mouths randomly appear and disappear on his body.
*This man's body is truly bizarre. His left side is perfectly normal, perhaps even attractive. His right side is a horrifying abomination of torn flesh, pustules, jagged bone spurs and wounds crawling with maggots.
*This short, squat man's body appears vaguely piscean. Fine scales cover his body and his fingers seems webbed. His googly, unblinking eyes are unsettling.
*This small, elderly hunched man's skin has turned yellowish and leathery. His skull his grossly enlarged and his warped face appear almost skeletal.
*This man's skin has turned a sickening shade of green. Pustules cover his flesh. His limbs appear distorted and tentacles are growing where his mouth should be.
*This man's body appear entirely covered in distorted faces. Each one different. He has no head.
*This bald, old man is constantly twitching. From time to time, his body bulge, twist and deform only to reform moments later. His eyes are bulging and blood red and long rotten teeth stick out from his mouth.
*This man’s skin has turned grey and appear to be constantly melting and bubbling. His face has almost entirely melted off.
*This gaunt man has wrinkled gray skin, no eyes yet multiple mouth dot his face.
*This man is morbidly obese, more than it is humanly possible. His skin is a sickly green color and mottled various hues.
*This man has reddish, purple skin and long arms. His face has over a dozen, constantly blinking cat-like eyes.
*This is a squirming mass of purple tentacles wrapped in a roughly human shape.
*This...being...looks more like a cephalopod than a human. It has green skin and tentacles for a face.
* to a patchwork of various other people. His limbs are all mis-matched and of various length. His face is a mess of stitches.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aspects have been updated. For what it's worth.
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