Feats Breath Total
Kills / Deaths
Kills 9 9
Angels Killed 0 0
Transcended Killed00
Demons Killed 1 1
Pets Killed 0 0
Deaths 79 93
Damage / Healing
Damage Dealt 570 573
Damage Taken 11904 14204
HP Healed 653 2672
Items Crafted 2112 2112
Items Repaired 696 696
Infusion 2287 2287
Spells Cast 905 905
Search & Consume
Alcohol Drunk 359 373
Food Eaten 102 123
Books Read 430 1522
Pills Taken 15 15
Targets Shot 683 1004
Items Found 251 251
Engineering & Lockpicking
Doors Destroyed 22
Doors Repaired 0 0
Power Removed 64 64
Power Restored 30 30
Locks Picked 0 0
Lore Found 2
Total Achievements 7

Walter the Librarian

Level: 30 (E Degree)
Classes: Conduit Sorcerer Mortal
.Captain in Pirates of Rlyeh
Physical Description:
A scholarly man who appears to be no more than middle-aged, but nonetheless has pure-white hair. He seems to be semi-transparent in some places, but only for brief moments. He is wearing a Black Wizard Hat, a Pair of Black Low-Tops, a Grey Hoodie, an Olive Green Messenger Bag, a Silver Ring, a Pair of Light Blue Denim Jeans, a Shiny Thing, a Pair of Reading Glasses, an Azure Blue Maid Uniform embroidered with little books and triangles, a Source Frequent Flyer Pin-on Badge, a Denim backpack, a Leather Jacket, and a Chainmail Shirt. His right hand has been lost at the wrist and replaced with a sinister-looking hook.
Personal Description:
Character Skills
Engineering (Wiki)
Repair Item (Wiki)
Smithing (Wiki)
Mastersmith (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Tap Font (Wiki)
Alchemy (Wiki)
Deep Alchemy (Wiki)
Cosmic Affinity (Wiki)
Heal Self (Wiki)
Mystic Vigor (Wiki)
Spell Combat (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Deep Spellcraft (Wiki)
Code of Efficiency (Wiki)
Rule of Design (Wiki)
Rule of Resourcefulness (Wiki)
Enchant Item (Wiki)
Seal Magic (Wiki)
Minor Arcana (Wiki)
Major Arcana (Wiki)
Portal Cleaving (Wiki)
Open Wormhole (Wiki)
Wisp Form (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
Conjure SinewsBuff Spell10 MP
Death DartAutohit: 4 death3 MP
Fire DartAutohit: 4 fire3 MP
Frost ShroudAura: 6 cold12 MP
Mystic ShieldBuff Spell8 MP
Shadow WrapAutohide Spell5 MP
Shocking DartAutohit: 4 electric3 MP
Badges Earned:
A Colder War, A Heaven of Hell, A New Chapter, According to Their Works, Aims to Please, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, Apprentice Electrician, Artifex, Artisan, Barn Assassin, Bibliophile, Bloodbreaker, Book of Martyrs, Bookworm, Bruised, Buried, Carousel Casualty, Cassandras Truth, Club Feral, Cognitive Dissonance, Convenient, Cops and Robbers, Crushed, Crusher, Deadeye, Delver, Divine Comedy, Doctor, Dunes of Dust, Earth Was Like a Marble, Endemic, Enthroned, Eternal I Endure, Every Mountain Made Low, Explosive Yield, Factory Foreman, Family Fun, Fixer, Flushed!, Forget All That, Frat Boy, Fusebreaker, Glutton, Going Up, Gourmand, Grandest of Slams, Gunslinger, Handyman, Hear Ye!, Hell is Other People, Hickok, Homesteader, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, In Memoriam, Iron Juggernaut, Journeyman Blacksmith, Kenopsia, Last Confession, Librarian, Love Eternal, Low Tolerance, Made to Last, Mage, Mass Producer, Masterpiece, Medic, Mender, Mystic, No Longer Boarding, Not a Drill, Not Safe, Oracle, Out of the Ash, Overeducated, Perseverence of the Saints, Pro Claimer, Punching Bag, Reader, Receded Waters, Remodeler, Researcher, Rising Tide, Shape of Things to Come, Sharpshooter, Skipping Stones, Sweatshop Worker, Taste of Dried Leaves, Taste Tester, Teachers Pet, The Nether Millstone, They Shall Not Pass, This Place is Not a Place of Honor, Those Lost, Tinker, Trading Places, True Blue, Two Guns, Under The Boot, Wellspring, While The Iron Is Hot, Whole Dome, Wild in the Woods, Wiresnipper, With Great Power, Wormfood

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