Alcohol Drunk 2 116
Angels Killed 10 11
Books Read 507 3436
Damage Dealt 38600 43002
Damage Taken 29915 42464
Deaths 116 251
Demons Killed 104 111
Doors Destroyed56
Doors Repaired 1 1
Food Eaten 13 60
HP Healed 160 3538
Items Crafted 1 6
Items Repaired 17 17
Kills 284 309
Locks Picked 0 1
Pets Killed 282 346
Pills Taken 13 34
Power Removed 14 14
Power Restored 24 24
Targets Shot 92 101
Lore Found 34
Total Achievements 2


Level: 30 (A Degree)
Classes: Lich Sorcerer Mortal
Cadre in Interplanar Brigades
Physical Description:
This is a voluptuous woman with rich, dark skin and dangerously seductive eyes. Her black mane reaches down to her inviting hips, which are further accentuated by her long, graceful legs. She is wearing a Pair of Black Leather Pumps, a White Silken Gloves, a Garland of White Flowers, a Yellow Dress, and a Suit of Rusty Armor. The faint whispering of ghostly voices can be heard in her presence.
Personal Description:
Altisidora had by this time sat up on the catafalque, and as she did so the clarions sounded, accompanied by the flutes, and the voices of all present exclaiming, "Long life to Altisidora! long life to Altisidora!" (Don Quixote de la Mancha)
Character Skills
Dodge (Wiki)
Evasion (Wiki)
Advanced Dodge (Wiki)
Engineering (Wiki)
Structural Engineering (Wiki)
Repair Item (Wiki)
Smithing (Wiki)
Mastersmith (Wiki)
Search (Wiki)
Sense Magic (Wiki)
Sense Morality (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Stamina (Wiki)
Sorcerers Might (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Animate Corpse (Wiki)
Simulacrum (Wiki)
Summon Ghoul (Wiki)
Summon Necrophage (Wiki)
Paragon of Death (Wiki)
Phylactery (Wiki)
Summon Will-O-Wisp (Wiki)
Summon Wight (Wiki)
Terrifying Aspect (Wiki)
Vestige of the Wraith (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
BlurBuff Spell5 MP
Shadow WrapAutohide Spell5 MP
Badges Earned:
A Heaven of Hell, A New Chapter, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, And I Must Scream, Apprentice Electrician, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, At All Costs, Barn Assassin, Bibliophile, Birthing Pool, Bloodbreaker, Bloodletter, Bookworm, Broken Alliance, Broken Promises, Bruised, Buried, Circumnavigation, Citadel, Cleanser, Clinging to Life, Cloudwatching, Cops and Robbers, Critic, Crushed, Crusher, Deadeye, Dedicated Few, Demonslayer, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Dogkiller, Duty and Honor, Explosive Yield, Exterminator, Fall of the Watcher, Fragmented Return, Frat Boy, Gourmand, Hammer of Light, Hell is Other People, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, Immutable Law, In The Name Of Science, Institute of Arts, Into the Dark, Iron Juggernaut, Kenopsia, Killer, Librarian, Low Tolerance, Medic, Overeducated, Perverter, Pest Control, Proofreader, Punching Bag, Reader, Reasons to Live, Researcher, Scholar, Sharpshooter, Smasher, Stolen Victory, Tapestry of Time, Taste Tester, Teachers Pet, The Earth Shudders, The Legend, The Little King, The Rise of Kafa-El, The Voice, This Place is Not a Place of Honor, Those Lost, Tinker, Untouched Wilderness, Warrior, What Once Was Lost, Wiresnipper, Wormfood

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