Feats Breath Total
Kills / Deaths
Kills 800 1236
Angels Killed 7 28
Transcended Killed4040
Demons Killed 404 622
Minibosses Killed 00
Pets Killed 1671 2691
Deaths 408 1800
Damage / Healing
Damage Dealt 155859 287143
Damage Taken 55079 162833
HP Healed 2743 47160
Items Crafted 74 320
Items Repaired 0 506
Infusion 9482 9482
Spells Cast 1555 1555
Buffs Granted 0 0
Debuffs Inflicted 647 647
Search & Consume
Alcohol Drunk 535 914
Food Eaten 29 1049
Books Read 243 1676
Pills Taken 4 1004
Targets Shot 153 1156
Items Found 210 210
Engineering & Lockpicking
Doors Destroyed 752
Doors Repaired 0 0
Power Removed 111 179
Power Restored 81 345
Locks Picked 0 0
Lore Found 11
Total Achievements 25

Tropical Storm Kandarin

Level: 30 (I Degree)
Classes: Elementalist Sorcerer Mortal
Champion in The Nexal Crusaders
Physical Description:
This is a good-looking man with long wavy brown hair and a distinctly Byronesque appearance. He is well spoken, with a smooth and charming voice, and projects a joie de vivre which is somewhat infectious. He is wearing an Elegant Black Tuxedo, a Black Tophat, a Pair of Black Leather Shoes, a Jet Demon Necklace, a Bracelet of Daisies, and a Rose Lapel Pin.
Personal Description:
One of four siblings, Kandarin can be described in many ways - Nexal Architect, planar scholar and general Explorer of Things. He can be found defending Cordillera, wandering around the Nexus spreading good cheer, or occasionally both at once! Lately what he spreads is a rain of electric windstorm from the sky, so there's that.
Character Skills
First Aid (Wiki)
Surgery (Wiki)
Hide (Wiki)
Sense Morality (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Tap Font (Wiki)
Tap Ley Line (Wiki)
Alchemy (Wiki)
Deep Alchemy (Wiki)
Heal Self (Wiki)
Infuse (Wiki)
Psychometry (Wiki)
Sorcerers Might (Wiki)
Spell Combat (Wiki)
Battle Magic (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Deep Spellcraft (Wiki)
Air Adept (Wiki)
Child of the Elements (Wiki)
Enhanced Summoning (Wiki)
Tenacious Summoning (Wiki)
Cultivate Ground (Wiki)
Ley Sculpting (Wiki)
Electric Touch (Wiki)
Summon Cirri (Wiki)
Summon Sylph (Wiki)
Summon Hurricane (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
CloudburstRanged: 19 electric2 MP
Fist of the EelTouch: 18 electric2 MP
Glyph of Protection vs EvilArea-of-Effect Spell20 MP
Glyph of Slowing vs EvilArea-of-Effect Spell20 MP
RevealDetection Spell3 MP
Shadow WrapAutohide Spell5 MP
Sharp VisionBuff Spell10 MP
Shocking DartAutohit: 14 electric3 MP
Sixth SenseBuff Spell7 MP
Spark SprayRanged: 23 electric4 MP
Static ChargeAura: 6 electric12 MP
Thunder BoltAutohit: 18 electric4 MP
Badges Earned:
A Heaven of Hell, A New Chapter, Academic Probation, According to Their Works, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, All Stitched Up, And I Must Scream, Apex Predator, Apprentice Electrician, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, At All Costs, Baraas Ascends, Barn Assassin, Bibliophile, Big Bad Wolf, Binge Drinker, Birthing Pool, Blighter, Bloodbreaker, Bloodletter, Bloodletter, Bloody Mayhem, Bodyweaver, Bonebreaker, Bookworm, Broken Alliance, Broken Promises, Bruised, Bruised, Bruiser, Buried, Carousel Casualty, Cassandras Truth, Cemetery Monopolist, Circuitbreaker, Circumnavigation, Citadel, Cleanser, Clinging to Life, Cloudwatching, Club Feral, Coffinmakers Friend, Cognitive Dissonance, Color Guard, Common Touch, Constantly in Traction, Convenient, Cops and Robbers, Crushed, Crushed, Crusher, Crusher, Curse of the Pharaohs, Deader than Dead, Deadeye, Dedicated Few, Delver, Demonslayer, Director of Animal Testing, Disaster Magnet, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Dogkiller, Dunes of Dust, Eagle Eyed, Earth Was Like a Marble, Effervescence, Enforcer, Enthroned, Eternal I Endure, Everlasting Rehab, Every Mountain Made Low, Explosive Yield, Exterminator, Extinction Event, Factory Foreman, Fall of the Watcher, Family Fun, Farseer, Fatigued, First Responder, Fixer, Flag Warden, Flakes of Delight, Flushed!, Food Critic, Forget All That, Fought the Law, Four Corners, Fragmented Return, Frat Boy, Frost Fighter, Fusebreaker, Fusemaker, Gastronomist, Glutton, Going Up, Gourmand, Grandest of Slams, Gravemaker, Great Affliction, Great Devourer, Gunshepherd, Gunslinger, Halls of the Scholar, Halls of Wrath, Hammer of Light, Handyman, Harbinger of Extinction, Healer, Hear Ye!, Hell is Other People, Hemophiliac, Herd Thinner, Hickok, High Roller, Homesteader, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, Idle Hands, Immutable Law, Impervious to Pain, In Memoriam, In The Name Of Science, Institute of Arts, Into the Dark, Iron Juggernaut, Jerry Rigger, Journeyman Blacksmith, Journeyman Electrician, Justicebringer, Keeping Healers in Business, Kenopsia, Killer, Landfall, Last Confession, Librarian, Lich Pet, Lifesaver, Living the High Life, Love Eternal, Low Tolerance, Made to Last, Mage, Malaise, Master of Death, Masticator, Medic, Mender, Monster Addict, Mystic, Nexmas Spirit 2015, No Longer Boarding, Not a Drill, Not Safe, Opportunity Knocks, Oracle, Organ Grinder, Out of the Ash, Overeducated, Panacea, Perseverence of the Saints, Perverter, Pest Control, Pill-popper, Plaguebringer, Pro Claimer, Punching Bag, Punching Bag, Reader, Reaper, Reasons to Live, Receded Waters, Remorse, Researcher, Riptide, Rising Tide, Rory Williams, Shape of Things to Come, Sharpshooter, Sinatra, Sincerest Flattery, Skipping Stones, Slave to the Habit, Smasher, Smasher, Spellbinder, Stolen Victory, Surgeon, Surgeons Lament, Sweatshop Worker, Tainted Fruit, Tapestry of Time, Taste of Dried Leaves, Taste Tester, Teachers Pet, The Earth Shudders, The Legend, The Little King, The Nether Millstone, The Rise of Kafa-El, The Voice, They Shall Not Pass, This Place is Not a Place of Honor, Those Lost, Tinker, Trading Places, Traumatized, Trophy Hunter, True Blue, Two Guns, Under The Boot, Untouched Wilderness, Varmint Hunter, View from the Top, Warrior, Well of Truth, Wellspring, What Once Was Lost, Whole Dome, Widowmaker, Wintertime Warrior, Wiresnipper, With Great Power, Wormfood, Wyrm Hunter, Wyrmsbane, Ziggurat Champion

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