Feats Breath Total
Kills / Deaths
Kills 441 1266
Angels Killed 112 374
Transcended Killed6565
Demons Killed 149 293
Minibosses Killed 00
Pets Killed 758 5312
Deaths 335 1947
Damage / Healing
Damage Dealt 80769 338922
Damage Taken 38154 169549
HP Healed 340 38199
Items Crafted 1051 2264
Items Repaired 86 1314
Infusion 3487 3486
Spells Cast 4009 4009
Buffs Granted 75 75
Debuffs Inflicted 321 321
Search & Consume
Alcohol Drunk 70 1070
Food Eaten 59 1061
Books Read 57 1114
Pills Taken 25 546
Targets Shot 215 1216
Items Found 585 585
Engineering & Lockpicking
Doors Destroyed 5031003
Doors Repaired 421 785
Power Removed 324 501
Power Restored 34 168
Locks Picked 0 196
Lore Found 50
Total Achievements 31


Level: 30 (J Circle)
Classes: Dark Oppressor Defiler Mortal
Demon Lord in The Deadly Sins
Physical Description:
This is a huge dragon - at least twenty feet long from head to tail - who is covered in black scales with edges trimmed in gold. He has a mouthful of pearly, razor-sharp teeth and his red eyes glow with a tangible malice. He is wearing a Set of Jeweled Talons, a Ring of the Damned, a Circlet of the Blood Magi, a Pendant of Sins, a Runic Onyx Tail Ring, a Seal of Absolute Darkness, a Tome of Lost Souls, a Mark of Tlacolotl, and a Suit of Gothic Plate. His attire is marked with the symbol of Tlacolotl, the demonic Elder Power of Violence. A pair of great, leathery, bat-like wings sprout from his back.
Personal Description:
The Dragon of Tlacolotl and Prince of Magog, Erduhr-Khazai is an ancient demon lord who advances the cause of his dark patron with fire and fury. Patient, cruel and fearsome, he seeks to put the fear of Stygia into the denizens of the other planes.
Character Skills
Dodge (Wiki)
Evasion (Wiki)
Advanced Dodge (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Stamina (Wiki)
Tap Font (Wiki)
Alchemy (Wiki)
Foul Alchemy (Wiki)
Dark Heart (Wiki)
Desecration (Wiki)
Life Vampire (Wiki)
Soul Vampire (Wiki)
Spell Combat (Wiki)
Battle Magic (Wiki)
Spellcraft (Wiki)
Pattern Weaver (Wiki)
Taint Spell (Wiki)
Dark Oppressor
Agony Curse (Wiki)
Enchant Item (Wiki)
Seal Magic (Wiki)
Leathern Wings (Wiki)
Lord over Domain (Wiki)
Intimidating Aura (Wiki)
Terrifying Aura (Wiki)
Pledge Vassals (Wiki)
Dark Priesthood (Wiki)
Legion Master (Wiki)
Terrifying Aspect (Wiki)
Spells Known
IconSpell NameSummaryMP
Burning TouchTouch: 13 fire2 MP
Dragonfire BlastRanged: 18 fire4 MP
Dragonfire JetRanged: 14 fire2 MP
Fiery CoronaAura: 6 fire12 MP
Glyph of Pain vs GoodArea-of-Effect Spell15 MP
Greater Glyph ErasureArea-of-Effect Spell15 MP
Stygian Fire InvocationAutohit: 9 fire3 MP
Stygian Gate InvocationAutohit: 13 fire4 MP
Badges Earned:
80s Action Hero, A Colder War, A Heaven of Hell, A New Chapter, Academic Probation, According to Their Works, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, And I Must Scream, Apex Predator, Apprentice Carpenter, Apprentice Electrician, Architect, Archmage, Artifex, Artisan, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, At All Costs, Augmentor, Baraas Ascends, Barn Assassin, Barrier Free, Battering Ram, Bibliophile, Big Bad Wolf, Birthing Pool, Blackout, Blighter, Bloodbreaker, Bloodletter, Bodyweaver, Bonebreaker, Book of Martyrs, Bookworm, Booster, Broken Alliance, Broken Promises, Bruised, Bruiser, Burglar, Buried, Carousel Casualty, Cassandras Truth, Celestial Foe, Cemetery Monopolist, Circuitbreaker, Circumnavigation, Citadel, Cleanser, Clinging to Life, Cloudwatching, Club Feral, Coffinmakers Friend, Cognitive Dissonance, Color Guard, Common Touch, Constantly in Traction, Convenient, Cops and Robbers, Cromahl-Hult, Crushed, Crusher, Deader than Dead, Deadeye, Dedicated Few, Delver, Demonslayer, Director of Animal Testing, Disciple of Death, Divine Comedy, Doctor, Dogkiller, Dunes of Dust, Eagle Eyed, Earth Was Like a Marble, Enforcer, Enthroned, Eresius Rest, Eternal I Endure, Every Mountain Made Low, Executioner, Explosive Yield, Exterminator, Factory Foreman, Fall of the Watcher, Family Fun, Farseer, Fatigued, Favored of Baraas, First Responder, Fixer, Flakes of Delight, Flushed!, Food Critic, Forgemaster, Forget All That, Four Corners, Fragmented Return, Frat Boy, Friend of Bill, Frost Fighter, Fusebreaker, Fusemaker, Gastronomist, Glutton, Going Up, Gourmand, Grandest of Slams, Gravemaker, Great Affliction, Great Devourer, Gunshepherd, Gunslinger, Halls of the Scholar, Halls of Wrath, Hammer of Light, Handyman, Harbinger of Extinction, Healer, Hear Ye!, Hell is Other People, Herd Thinner, Heres Johnny, Hickok, High Roller, Homesteader, Homewrecker, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, Idle Hands, Immutable Law, Impervious to Pain, In Memoriam, In The Name Of Science, Institute of Arts, Into the Dark, Iron Juggernaut, Jerry Rigger, Journeyman Blacksmith, Journeyman Carpenter, Journeyman Electrician, Keeping Healers in Business, Kenopsia, Killer, Landfall, Landshark, Last Confession, Librarian, Lich Pet, Lifesaver, Living the High Life, Love Eternal, Low Tolerance, Made to Last, Mage, Malaise, Mass Producer, Master Mechanic, Master of Death, Masterpiece, Masticator, Medic, Mender, Monster Addict, Mystic, Netherland, Nightmare Whisperer, No Longer Boarding, Not a Drill, Not Safe, Opportunity Knocks, Oracle, Out of the Ash, Overeducated, Panacea, Perseverence of the Saints, Perverter, Pest Control, Pill-popper, Pink Elephant Rider, Pro Claimer, Punching Bag, Reader, Reasons to Live, Receded Waters, Regulator, Remorse, Researcher, Riptide, Rising Tide, Rory Williams, Ruiner, Scavenger, Second-Story Man, Shape of Things to Come, Sharpshooter, Sinatra, Skipping Stones, Smasher, Spellbinder, Stolen Victory, Surgeon, Surgeons Lament, Sweatshop Worker, Tainted Fruit, Tapestry of Time, Taste of Dried Leaves, Taste Tester, Teachers Pet, Thaumaturgist, The Earth Shudders, The Legend, The Little King, The Nether Millstone, The Rise of Kafa-El, The Voice, They Shall Not Pass, Thief, This Place is Not a Place of Honor, Those Lost, Tinker, Titan of Industry, Trading Places, Trapped in a Bottle , Traumatized, Trophy Hunter, True Blue, Two Guns, Under The Boot, Ungrateful Guest, Untouched Wilderness, Varmint Hunter, View from the Top, Warrior, Well of Truth, Wellspring, What Once Was Lost, While The Iron Is Hot, Whole Dome, Widowmaker, Wild in the Woods, Wintertime Warrior, Wiresnipper, With Great Power, Woodworker, Wormfood, Wyrm Hunter

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