Feats Breath Total
Kills 192 443
Angels Killed 69 128
Demons Killed 50 96
Pets Killed 1975 2062
Deaths 118 398
Damage Dealt 106773 144547
Damage Taken 34719 64033
HP Healed 10 21458
Alcohol Drunk 39 172
Food Eaten 19 227
Books Read 264 1433
Pills Taken 1 174
Targets Shot 0 301
Doors Destroyed 121015
Doors Repaired 8 1008
Power Removed 0 1126
Power Restored 0 1185
Items Crafted 5 1009
Items Repaired 221 1262
Locks Picked 67 67
Lore Found 3
Total Achievements 21


Level: 30 (F Circle)
Classes: Infernal Behemoth Pariah Mortal
Oblivion Master in Oblivion Squadron
Physical Description:
This creature is a hulking mass of enormous muscles covered with what appear to be solid, cracked armored plates. Its face is a bony, grimacing mask with no resemblance to human features, and hellfire blazes in its eyes and gaping maw. She is wearing a Clear Plastic Platform Shoes, a Firemans Jacket, a Fur Coat, a Grimy Sleeveless T-Shirt, a Pair of White Denim Jeans, a Rune-Inscribed Necklace, and a Rune-Inscribed Ring. She fills the area with a commanding presence. Her eyes are a solid, uniform black. Her body is covered in thick, black, organic-looking plates. She is exceptionally large, with massive knots of muscle. A pair of great, leathery, bat-like wings sprout from her back. She is displaying an exploration badge of I Stab at Thee.
Personal Description:
Character Skills
Engineering (Wiki)
Structural Engineering (Wiki)
First Aid (Wiki)
Hide (Wiki)
Advanced Hide (Wiki)
Melee Combat (Wiki)
Advanced Melee Combat (Wiki)
Expert Melee Combat (Wiki)
Repair Item (Wiki)
Smithing (Wiki)
Mastersmith (Wiki)
Strength (Wiki)
Infuse (Wiki)
Stygian Fury (Wiki)
Blooded Fury (Wiki)
Infernal Behemoth
Bloodlust (Wiki)
Berzerk Frenzy (Wiki)
Child of Tlacolotl (Wiki)
Burning Aura (Wiki)
Unholy Aura (Wiki)
Hulking Brute (Wiki)
Fiendish Bulk (Wiki)
Leathern Wings (Wiki)
Rage Strike (Wiki)
Unfettered Fury (Wiki)
Badges Earned:
80s Action Hero, A Heaven of Hell, Alcoholic, All In The Family, All Stitched Up, Apprentice Carpenter, Apprentice Electrician, Architect, Artifex, Artisan, Aspect Hunter, Assassin, Barn Assassin, Barrier Free, Bibliophile, Big Bad Wolf, Blackout, Bloodletter, Bodyweaver, Bonebreaker, Bookworm, Brings the Night, Bruised, Burglar, Buried, Carousel Casualty, Circuitbreaker, Circuitmaker, Cleanser, Club Feral, Common Touch, Crushed, Crusher, Deadeye, Degenerate, Demonslayer, Director of Animal Testing, Disciple of Death, Doctor, Dogkiller, Effervescence, Exterminator, Extinction Event, Factory Foreman, Family Fun, Favored of Baraas, First Responder, Fixer, Flakes of Delight, Forgemaster, Forget All That, Frat Boy, Fusebreaker, Fusemaker, Glutton, Gourmand, Grandest of Slams, Handyman, Healer, Healer, Hear Ye!, Herd Thinner, Heres Johnny, Hole in None, Homewrecker, I Have a Headache, I Stab at Thee, Illuminati, Iron Juggernaut, Jerry Rigger, Journeyman Blacksmith, Journeyman Carpenter, Journeyman Electrician, Keeping Healers in Business, Killer, Landfall, Landshark, Librarian, Lifesaver, Lights Up The World, Living the High Life, Low Tolerance, Luddite, Master Carpenter, Master Electrician, Master Mechanic, Medic, Mender, Netherland, Nightmare Whisperer, No Longer Boarding, Not a Drill, Opportunity Knocks, Organ Grinder, Overeducated, Panacea, Perverter, Pest Control, Pill-popper, Punching Bag, Reader, Researcher, Ruiner, Security Expert, Sharpshooter, Siege Warrior, Sincerest Flattery, Smasher, Surgeon, Surgeons Lament, Sweatshop Worker, Tainted Fruit, Taste Tester, Teachers Pet, The Nether Millstone, The Voice, Thief, This Place is Not a Place of Honor, Those Lost, Tinker, Titan of Industry, Trading Places, Trophy Hunter, Two Guns, Uninvited, View from the Top, Warrior, Whole Dome, Widowmaker, Wintertime Warrior, Wiresnipper, With Great Power, Woodworker, Wormfood

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