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Welcome to Nexus Clash!

A clash of ethos Nexus Clash is a browser-based MMORPG that continues the saga of Nexus War. Each character in the game is a soul entrapped in this eternal struggle that rages across worlds. Characters can choose to become fearsome Demons, mighty Wizards, powerful warriors, or even Angels - and every action is measured in the scales of reality to determine what new worlds will be formed in each new Breath of Creation.

A new Breath has dawned - a world shaped by the angelic Power of Cooperation, yet whose salvation - or damnation - hangs in the balance.

Past Breaths have featured conflicts that raged over many worlds, shaped by the Powers of primal forces such as Justice, Violence, Chaos and far more.

New Player?

Feel free to start playing right away! Check out the New Player's Guide for helpful tips on getting started. If you need help or advice, check out the Wiki and ask our community for guidance on the Forum or our Discord server. Don't worry about making early mistakes - you can always create more characters or restart existing ones!

Oh, and just so you know, your character(s) will die, and die a lot (everyone's do). Death is an integral part of Nexus Clash. Just hit that "respawn" button and get back into the action!

Gameplay Notes

You are allowed multiple characters, subject to some restrictions. The general rule is to keep your characters away from each other and keep them from helping one another, directly or indirectly. There are provisions in place that keep your characters from directly interacting with each other or interacting with the same target in the same time period.

Please note that NexusClash portrays several iterations ("Breaths") of a regularly reincarnating universe. At each iteration, all characters are reduced to their mortal beginnings again without their levels and equipment from the past universe, and may choose once more whether to repeat their past choices or blaze an entirely new path.

If you enjoy the game, making a donation would be nice, but it's not mandatory. Donations will increase the number of characters you can play (see this thread in the forums for more information) in addition to the three characters that you get for free. Do not create more than one account - it will be detected, and your access to the site will be restricted.

Keep an eye on the Changelog as things are regularly updated.

The beautiful class art pictured here is by akithefrivolicious, whom you can find on deviantart

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