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Welcome to Nexus Clash!

A demonic Faction rallies its troops for war; Art by Joe Calkins -
What is NexusClash?
Nexus Clash is a browser-based MMORPG based upon (with permission) the now-defunct Nexus War game. Each character in the game represents a soul entrapped in this eternal struggle that rages across worlds. Characters can choose to become fearsome Demons, mighty Wizards, powerful warriors, or even Angels - and every action is measured in the scales of creation to determine what changes each new "breath" will bring.

The First Breath lasted from December 31, 2009 through December 30, 2010. Tlacolotl was the victorious power in this Breath.
The Second Breath lasted from December 30, 2010 through December 28, 2011. Tholaghru was the victorious power in this Breath.
We are currently in the "Third Breath."

Our open alpha is now closed. We are now in open beta.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Changelog as things are regularly updated.
New Player?
Feel free to start playing right away, though it is highly suggested that you take a look at the New Player Guide or ask our community for some guidance in IRC before getting too involved. You can always release a character and start a new one, so don't worry about making early mistakes!

Check out the New Player's Guide for helpful tips on getting started.

More help can be found live from our community in our IRC channel at

Our Forums are a great place to ask for help as well.

Oh, and just so you know, your character(s) will die. A lot (everyone's do). Death is an integral part of Nexus Clash. Just hit that "respawn" button and get back into the action!
Gameplay Notes
You are allowed multiple characters, subject to some restrictions. The general rule is to keep your characters away from each other; there are provisions in place that once one of your characters interacts with a given target, it will be nigh-impossible for your other characters to interact with him until a good amount of time passes.

Please note that NexusClash is intended to represent several iterations of the universe (each iteration being called a "Breath"). At each iteration, the characters in the universe are "wiped" (reduced to level one and all equipment lost). Let me repeat that... characters ARE periodically reduced to their mortal beginnings again, where they can choose a path similar to their old one... or an entirely new path.

If you enjoy the game, sending a donation my way would be nice... but not mandatory (donations will increase the number of characters you can play; see this thread in the forums for more information). However, bear in mind that this is my site, my toy, and my rules. Creating an account here gets you three characters for free. Do NOT create extra accounts - I will eventually find out, and your access to the site WILL be restricted.

Last 10 Raid Events (delayed 24 hours)

Aldebaran of The Radiant Order broke the ward of The Crossroads.
Lord Howland of Combustible Opossums broke the ward of Cross Roads Mall.
Morgein Winterhue of broke the ward of The Crossroads.
Number Nine of CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS broke the ward of The Crossroads.
Number Nine of CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS broke the ward of The Crossroads.
Saccharine of Avengers of Harmony Falls broke the ward of The Golden Bold.
Annie Baker of Avengers of Harmony Falls captured the The Golden Bold standard (12 renown)
Emily Shri of By the Sword broke the ward of The Crossroads.
Arioch of The Monastery broke the ward of The Knights of L Ron Hubbard.
Arioch of The Monastery has retrieved the captured standard of By the Sword from the stronghold of The Knights of L Ron Hubbard standard (1 renown)

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